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Happy Day!

Happy birthday to Fling
Happy birthday to Fling
Happy birthday to Fling

Blanket and Fling

Mono 18: Pet Cat

If you are an owner of cats, you should know how clever they could be. Always calm and relaxed!


Toby is my fellow pig

Toby, my “Babe”, is our family dog. We’ve had him since he was 4 months old and rescued him from the RSPCA.

He is quite possibly the definition of the perfect dog, doesn’t need a lead, barely barks, always happy to see you, knows when he gets his dinner, and is such a poser when it comes to photos, he even vaguely understands the concept of a selfie. 227 more words


A Koharu helps.

It’s necessary there exactly. Good!


Science proved you and your dog fall in love when you look in each other's eyes

Dog owners already know in their bones that they and their pets love one another. Now, a new study has confirmed it, finding that love is chemically apparent after dogs and their owners gaze into one another’s eyes. 318 more words

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I've always envied people with dogs as pets or more like family members. They seem so happy.