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Pet Photography - A different kind of photo shoot

Taking photos of pets inserts a whole new set of challenges for a photographer. They generally have no interest in stopping for the camera, and capturing that special look and personality can often be a challenge. 225 more words


Pet Peeves

I’d like to think that I’m quite a reasonable person, even so, there are lot of things that really get on my nerves.

Everybody has them, whether they’re big or small; Pet peeves. 289 more words


How to choose dog dry food for Donna

How I chose dog dry food for Donna and how these food compare to other food in the market.

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Leela Dogs Carjacking Attempt

Having just recently moved into my apartment block with my four-legged friend A.K.A. Leela Dog I was still getting to know my neighbours. One evening after work I parked up outside my block and got out of the car with Leela. 313 more words


Fur Five Years

Five years ago today I joined WordPress.com. Five years ago I was a sophomore in high school. Five years ago my family adopted two cats, newly named Dodger and Olive, who were from the same litter. 430 more words


Day 146

Happy Birthday to me. I had an okay day today. It would have been a good day without the memories. People I haven’t talked to in quite some time came out of the past to say happy birthday. 183 more words

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