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New kids

So after Cromarty left us, we were concerned about Fitzroy. Initially we tried to re-intro him to Biscay but that ended badly, so we went for Plan B – new youngsters. 176 more words

Pet Rats



Birthdate: 10/2014

Gender:  male

Description: smooth coated black Berkshire dumbo (definitions at bottom)

Atlas, Sol, Puck and Pan were all already about 6 months old when we brought them home.  196 more words


Baby steps

I’ve been a little busy with some new babies for the past couple of weeks. Here’s the latest video.


First loss of the year

Entirely expected, in fact the vet said we had done well to keep him in reasonable health for as long as we did. But today was the day my lovely ginger boy Cromarty had to meet the… 68 more words

Pet Rats

This year's obsession

It feels like spring today. The weather is warm and humid, with a slight warm breeze. I even passed some may blossom on my walk to work. 192 more words


More rat agility

Well, I and the rats are gradually learning how to train for the agility competition. I began by trying to clicker train them, using a tongue click, but that works best one on one because they all expect a treat at each click, and I just can’t do that with 34 rats. 127 more words

Pet Rats

Come on, girls, it's time to get out of bed.

“But we’re comfy.”

Yes, I know, but it’s Sunday afternoon and that means cage cleaning. You need to get out of bed now.

“Go away, human.” 6 more words

Pet Rats