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Bittersweet Boysenberry Floor Time

It was really difficult for me to edit this video, so soon after Pan’s sudden death, so please excuse the minimal alterations.  (It is available in HD, though, so if you want to see clearer, change the setting before you watch.)

Pet Rats

Best Time To Sneak In New Pets

A few weeks ago I had Gallbladder surgery, it didn’t really go smoothly and I had a lot of pain afterwards and was on a lot of heavy duty medication. 247 more words

How To Teach Your Kids To Swear

Happy 14th Birthday to The Midlands Rat Club

We went to our local rat show last Sunday. It was the club’s 14th birthday, and I’ve been going to the shows almost from the beginning. 56 more words


The Boysenberry Boys

On the first night we brought them home, this is what our ratboys did:

Pet Rats

This is Mr Pickles. He’s a rehome boy whom I’ve had just over a year. I was told he was a year old when I had him, but I estimated him at around nine months as his roaning hadn’t faded much. 64 more words