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About Pet Rats Found in American Households

Many homes in the United States have pet rats; the rats kept as pets are usually referred to as fancy rats. Rats as pets require moderate care; however, the kind of care they would need depends on the breed they belong to. 380 more words

Pet Rats

Rat Agility

My local rat club, the Midlands Rat Club, has had a rat agility course since I first started going to shows in 2001. It’s always been a fun event at the shows, with no-one really training their rats but the rats being willing enough and bright enough to be persuaded around the course on the day. 645 more words


Fighting grime, and other unpleasant reflections

Pretty much as soon as we got the steel trays for the big cage, I started thinking about steam cleaners. For years we have used a combination of cleaning techniques, usually involving cage furniture being taken away and washed in hot soapy water which the cages themselves were wiped down with disinfectant. 386 more words

Pet Rats

#1000Speak about Compassion: Through the Eyes of a Rat

Several months ago, I became temporary guardian to someone else’s pet rat. For some reason the management of the low-income housing complex in which the rat previously resided found her presence on the property objectionable, probably because in spite of their most persuasive arguments, she refused to co-sign the lease. 3,271 more words

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A bad week for losses

One of the worst parts of keeping rats as pets is their short lifespan. Although I’ve been breeding for over six years with the aim of extending their lives, I’ve only managed to add about one month to their average age. 457 more words



This post will publish the moment Sean and I, in Paris and thus “6 hours into the future” will set foot into Guy Savoy, a beautiful 3-star Michelin restaurant, the second most-expensive in the world, where we hope to eat caviar, drink champagne, and delight over brioches slathered in truffle butter. 582 more words


Xandy's babies are growing up

We split Xandy’s baby boys from Xandy and her baby daughter Crystal Tips earlier this week. It was so sad to see little Crystal Tips left on her own with mum, but she’s such a confident little rat it didn’t seem to worry her much. 224 more words