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Letter to Heaven # 1: Dear Smokey

Dear Smokey,

Remember when I sat down with you outside on Wednesday, and told you that Heaven would be so much more amazing than all the beauty around us here on Earth each day? 928 more words

Family & Friends

Quick Update

As I posted previously, on Monday Nicholas began doing 4 lengthenings per day. First of all Nick really is doing it all on his own. I just pass him the remote which he calls the .25 2.0. 250 more words

Fibular Hemimelia

Morticia's Web: On the Death of a Spider

The other night I had dinner with four other women at a Mexican restaurant — all the world’s problems were solved at that summit, you’ll be happy to know — and one of the women, whom I’ve known since college, leaned over to me and said quietly, “You know that Morticia died, right?” 388 more words

Sunshine on a rainy day

Yesterday was a long day, a day to come to terms with what was our new reality. The space where her bed was looked vast, the house now echoes without her, how can one dog make such a difference? 323 more words

Transgender Parenting

"Why does everything happen at once?"

That is what Nick asked me last night. I remember asking a friend that same question five years ago when my beloved Aunt Eileen died and Nick had surgery two weeks later. 499 more words

Limb Lengthening

She thought her name was biscuit, a sad farewell

Yesterday was tough, I mean super tough, I awoke to a normal Monday morning, the weekend pepsi albeit stiff in the joints had partook in her short walks, still raced me to the kitchen to scoff any cat food that was left, I add I wasn’t going to eat it but the last 5 years we’ve kept her weight down as she took a great liking to cat food and put on too much weight! 714 more words

Transgender Parenting

Why is losing a pet so hard? -Disenfranchised grief

Why is losing a pet so hard?

Feor many of us, pets are family. They love us unconditionally. Grief is a normal response. But sometimes loss of a pet involves disenfranchised grief, a loss that is not acknowledged by society. 835 more words

Human Animal Bond