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The Final Lap

The final lap is the hardest one. You have been going for awhile already. You are tired. Your body hurts. It is, quite frankly, often very tempting to stop at this point and just be done. 678 more words



After the loss of Honeybee’s grandpa I was thrust into finals. You should’ve seen it: a fit of frenzy taking pictures and editing for my photography class and hand making a box for my bookbinding class. 499 more words


Mr B's Last Photo

My youngest daughter took a lot of photos while we were at the vet saying good bye to Mr B. I uploaded them to my computer right away but haven’t been able to look at them until now. 12 more words


Loss of a Pet

Sometime when I was in Elementary School, my family got a cat.  My dad was a daycare worker and he had taken us to the park, where this group of teenagers was tossing around a kitten.   355 more words

Welcome to the Cat Café

I made some new friends this week and could not be more pleased! Marissa, Kristi, Brie, Angel and Georgie the kind of friends we all should have in our lives. 396 more words


Lucy's List - March (week 3)

We’re all feeling very sad at Pie Patch HQ this week after the demise of our dear old cat, otherwise known as CrapCat. He’d been poorly for a while and stopped eating. 224 more words

Thrifty Meals


Hi everyone. I have to apologize for my lack of posts over the past week. Early last Tuesday morning my husband and I lost our almost fourteen year old Pomeranian Lacey. 111 more words