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My Hamster Has A Skateboard

When I need hamster-y inspiration where do I turn..
Why the internet of course!! I do love to discover how far and wide the spread of hamstery awe reaches. 177 more words


My Inevitable Love for Monkeys

If you say ‘Monkey’ my ears perk up and my eyes bug out and I’m ready to get em! I’m like, where are they!? I’ll get those monkeys. 249 more words


Chasing Kelenn

January 17, 2015

He may have been almost 4 which is pretty ancient compared to me, but he was still a puppy at heart. Or at least, he was less of a mature father type, and more of a spunky uncle. 239 more words


The Perch

January 2015

There’s no place I like better than perched way up high on one of my mommies’ shoulders.

From up here, the views are great, and I know nothing creepy or crawly or snarly is going to get me. 51 more words


Pet Blog Video Of The Week: Poodle's Mind Blown By TV

Will somebody just let Sherlock the poodle into the TV already so he can stop damaging the end table?

Thanks to The 2spoos on YouTube for this hyperactive wonder — and also… 43 more words

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Another Doggie Date

January 14, 2015

My 2nd interaction with dogs outside my litter, I got to meet TWO dogs at once, a 9 month old Beagle named Lily and a 4 year old Pugawawa named Yogi. 261 more words


Pet Blog: Trick Out Your Dog

Haven’t found the time to teach your dog to roll over, shake hands or do the army crawl?

Dog Day Getaway in Apple Valley is offering a five-week course to teach you and your pup all the classics! 130 more words

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