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Carrying Plastic

Sometime in April…


It’s right here Momma.

Let’s go buy me a pigs ear!


Xx Nibble Nibble xX



It's Just Us..........

Mom’s not adjusting to this working stuff.  She leaves us alone all day but she turns off the computer.  We can’t reach the button so we can’t talk to all of our friends.   459 more words


How Wealthy are you in Dog Years

They say if you are a lucky person you will find friends and loved ones who will love you as unconditionally as a dog. Remember to wag your smile at everyone you see today. Share the wealth unconditionally.

Pet Blog

The First Night

The crate doors were bolted shut with a clang and boy, did I wail. You give me free roam of the kitchen and then expect me to be happy in this confined space, albeit with every comfort I could need – a warmed up wheat bag, Classic FM in the background (a recommendation from one of Mummy’s friends who had been advised by a vet that this is soothing), a loud ticking clock from my Auntie, water, toys, blankets and towels. 402 more words

Let's Start at the Very Beginning...

The Beginning

So, to kick things off, let me tell you a bit about myself. I originally come from Lincolnshire where I was born to a beautiful Cocker Spaniel mother and handsome poodle father. 579 more words

“Once you have had a wonderful dog, a life without one, is a life diminished.”
Dean Koontz (author, Whispers)


DogDaz Zoo: Cat Styling


“I like when you part your fur on this side.” – DogDaz