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Spring Snuggles Anyone?

If I had an online doggie dating profile, this is what it would say.

Looking For: Casual snuggle buddies, dogs, cats, monkeys, humans and otherwise. Must be in it for the chase, and enjoy playing fetch and tug-of-war. 143 more words


Tuxie Tuesday King

It’s Tuxie Tuesday and I’m king of the world!  Or at least I’m king of this stack of wood!  I can see all of my kingdom from up here.   20 more words


DogDaz Zoo: What To Do With Your Scraps

A Giant Turtle Sculpture Made of Scrap Metal by Indonesian Artist Ono Gaf  Source:Laughing Squid

I find that humans can be so imaginative.  What a great thing to do with scrap metal parts vs the landfill. – DogDaz


Soggy Sleepy Sunday Selfies

It’s raining, windy and cold outside so Mom says it’s a good day for naps.

We agree.

We’re joining all the other kitties at the Blog Hop located at The Cat on My Head.   31 more words


Caturday Special

Mom let me be the star today……….


Throwback Fursday

I will keep this short and sweet today folks, I just wanted to show off Casper’s face in case you’d forgotten about him already.

And it also describes my sleepy mood perfectly.. 10 more words


Protecting your pets!

These 4-legged furry friends are extended family to most of us, right? They are just about as much work as having human kids. You have to think of them all the time. 682 more words

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