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TSP I fund and the Global Economy

If you held the TSP I fund since the beginning of 2008 just after the last bull market peak would have been rewarded with a total return of 4.8% or less than 1% annualized.  820 more words


What's On The Telly?

Given we are identifying three specific perspectives on the role of the media, I’ve been giving a little thought as to how you can check you understand the concept. 177 more words


When you are defined by science

Think about yourself.

You are one person. Try to envision each of these things in turn…


A Holiday for Old Friends, Holidays that Don't Exist


In order to follow up with the speed and swiftness of the Internet, we’d given ALL the time we possibly can, to meet brand new friends, but, we’d stopped, connecting with the friends we already have… 886 more words


Check the results against... (Peter Drucker quote)

“Checking the results of a decision against its expectations shows executives what their strengths are, where they need to improve, and where they lack knowledge or information.”

Peter Drucker



I am the size of my thoughts, therefore my target will be grater than the one before.

The sky is not the limit. Just an other dimension I already have reached. 42 more words


New Ministry Involvement

As many of you know Missions Underground is about Global Missions. We seek to be involved within our  Local Community, our Region, Nationally, and Around the World. 124 more words