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...because she had hope.

She got up from the couch, turned the tv off, and walked into the kitchen. She rinsed off the dishes and put them all in one side of the sink, where they could hide out until tomorrow. 305 more words


Seeds Sown

In those
quiet pauses
of my soul,

I realize
living a life
gone astray
has brought
more gifts

than I ever
could have


The Definition of Video Games (Etc.)

Today I watched a video where a YouTuber claimed that a video game was not a video game. Of course, that statement doesn’t actually make sense. 665 more words



Progress shots of my “Navajo Nation Genesis Path”…

work by thomas grant macdonald, 2015, all rights reserved

Landscape Architecture

In possession of a word

But one may take possession of me
Wide awake, or in virtual reality,
And then only iin that holy, holy name,
that world-renowned, impartial alias — 7 more words


Sandra Benedetto: Chicago’s Starring Role

As a little kid, my world consisted of the suburb where we lived, my grandparents’ farm some distance away, and downtown Chicago.  In my mind, that was the entire world.   513 more words