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An exciting (and on time) bump update!

Today we got one step closer to being ready for this little man to arrive, because today I got my license!

I could have waited until I turned 21 but sadly May is earlier than July so a few extra months on my P’s won’t kill me. 199 more words


Exacerbation of heart failure

If ever there’s to save, I’d like to save myself.

Just because, the pain is consuming… almost everyday of the week arguing about random things, is too much to handle. 108 more words


Finished Projects: Sewing and Weight Gain

Before I get started, I want to let y’all know I recently did a tongue-in-cheek guest post titled How to Prevent DIY Anxiety¬†for Coletterie… 1,057 more words

Domestic Science

Me & Your Cigarettes

Gives you something you can do with your hands
Makes you look cool and feel like a man
In the morning you will probably regret me… 70 more words


What Are Your Best Detox Foods?

Personally, I LOVE anything where I can combine lots of onion, spinach and garlic, sometimes all three.

Do Your Own Dirty Work

You know what I don’t like? I don’t like it when someone is mad at someone, and will go to multiple people and complain to them about that someone, and when they see that someone, they act like everything is ok. 264 more words

Blog Posts

To be loved by You

I have forgotten You, yet i remember You on the times I need You

You’ve sheltered me, then I left You with the things You’ve given me… 42 more words