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Travel Personality - Travel Linkup

In an effort to back involved with the blogging community this month’s travel linkup topic is all about travel personalities, so here’s my take on my own travel personality. 935 more words


A Short Review of Personality Neuroscience

A Short Review of Personality Neuroscience


            Personality psychology seeks to describe and explain stable individual differences in affect, cognition, and behavior, and brings together the various subfields of psychology in order to understand the activity of whole persons (Funder, 2013). 3,763 more words


If It Hurts To Get Rid Of Your Old Clothes, Read This

I did a major overhaul of my wardrobe recently and it was a much more wrenching experience than I thought it would be. I got confronted by all the clothes that 2007 Gwen used to love. 1,384 more words

Green with Different Forms of Envy

We all know that envy is a terrible thing. Envy is what sometimes happens when people compare themselves to others who are in some way superior to them. 510 more words


Adding Character

I’ve recently really been into wearing hats. Summer is the perfect time for them, and come especially handy if you’re having a bad hair day. Before flying down to LA, I picked up a pretty, lace, white hat (no image, but I will show you all soon!). 167 more words

Los Angeles

10 ways how born poor benefits

Poverty…. Debts….Complexes…. life is filled with all these if u are poor. But look at the bright side yes there a silver lining in this dark cloud.. 547 more words


A Simple, Two-Second 'Ring Finger' Personality Test

Jimmy Fallon badly injured his ring finger the other day and it has him out of commission for three weeks. If it changes length, it could change his personality! 209 more words