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26 April 2015

C and I decided to take a short walk along the shore. At some point, we had a discussion tonight about whether it was wiser to take a year off to wander and regather your priorities, or to jump start something you understand you need in life (say, and additional degree, or an apprentice experience for a certain trade.) 409 more words

Neutral Days

I don't deserve to be an INFJ

When I first read about MBTI personality testing and found out I was an INFJ, I was so ecstatic about hearing how special and rare I am. 640 more words


Healthy Relationships: All About Loving ME

Does God really want me to focus on me?

1. How many times have you heard or said to someone “It’s not all about you.” Never focus on yourself. 2,315 more words

Bible Verse

The introverted job hunter

Over the past 5 years I’ve had the opportunity to explore the world of an introvert more closely. Being married to my Jen (who shows an introverted preference) has been an opportunity to reflect on the deep, beautiful and at times mystifying world of an introvert. 606 more words


Why Do You Want...?

While relationships exist for us to enjoy them and grow as individuals, our needs are reflected in whom we chose to be in a relationship with. 699 more words


Make Someone Smile Today

I have been discussing with several friends of mine about kindness during the past days. Kind people get screwed over, right? For what I feel, is that it takes more courage to be kind and polite than an a**hole. 328 more words