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Yet Another Warm Day Of Days

Our supervisor wasn’t on duty during last night’s shift, so aside from our team’s senior rep we had to survive more or less without someone to answer our on-call questions.   210 more words

Personal Thoughts

Here - Here for Brain rot! Entry for 4/20

I think I come up with some pretty decent journal names, sadly I don’t think my content lives up to the emotion I put out with those titles. 406 more words

Dear Diary

Ringing the bell

Picking up where I left off with my post on tribalism. Because I wanted to talk specifically about a recurrent kind of “broken” I am seeing in arguments all over the place — beyond the tiny halls of the Peoples Republic of Science Fiction. 1,489 more words

Tornadoes In Teacups

Compilation I

Here are some photos that I never included in my previous posts, but still are some of my favourites. 14 more words

Personal Thoughts.

Fitness and Anxiety

When I was first put on anti-anxiety medication, I noticed an alarming weight gain happening. So, I decided to do something about it and went to a nearby gym. 562 more words

Personal Thoughts

Swimming against the flow

So here it is, my first official blog post.

Ever felt that everything that you do is against what nature had planed for you? If u have this feeling, should you continue doing whatever that u were doing or should you stop, think again and let the flow bring you where it wants to? 153 more words


gratitude ~ cape optional

Want to be a superhero, or at least feel like one more days than not? Well what I’m about to suggest isn’t a vat of radioactive spiders on a distant planet or anything. 629 more words

Personal Thoughts