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3.24.15 Today's Outfit

So my work day was pretty rough. My computer had a bunch of issues going on and slowed down/stopped progress. I just hope it’s back on track tomorrow. 137 more words

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3.20.15 Rainy Day Grey

Today I got rained on while waiting on my bus to arrive. Twice. By the time I had gotten home, my hair had started to separate from the undo I’ve been wearing and getting frizzy, but at that point, I was just glad that the weekend had arrived. 42 more words

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3.19.15 My Sick Day OOTD

Today I woke up feeling pretty lousy so I called in sick. After sending a few work emails I got a text from my boss telling me to stop working and watch “The Price is Right”, hahah. 78 more words

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3.18.15 Today's Outfit

I wasn’t feeling so good this morning and ended up going to work late but I still chose my capsule over sweats. The cardigan was given to me by a friend. 39 more words

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3.17.15 Today's Outfit

So my images from yesterday weren’t so great. I will probably reshoot that outfit before the week is out, considering I need to hem my black slacks. 54 more words

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Style Challenge: No Black

Join me in my 1st Style Challenge: No Black!

In an effort to follow my own Rules of Style, I’ve decided to take on # 167 more words