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On Fatness & Stigma

The inimitable Kate Harding over at Shapely Prose (a leading blog in the Fatosphere, and one which I have finally added to our blogroll) has some excellent commentary on the results of a study on… 380 more words


Without a Vision

Without a Vision

What if you had a secret formula with the power to cure a thousand ills of the human race? Would you not then freely give up this formula to be distributed to all in need and thereby prevent the death of multitudes? 510 more words

Personal responsibility is empowerment

Personal responsibility seems to be out of fashion. It is a principle believed in only by cold hardliners who lack empathy and thrive on selfishness, or so its opponents would have you believe. 843 more words

Social Affairs

You Want To Get Caught

Insomnia, sort of but mostly a manic phase of ADD
My brain is in full on squirrel monkey mode
Two AM thoughts have me up and typing at the Witching Hour… 633 more words


No Need to Listen Any Longer

The good Americans – who like to call themselves the Real Americans – have told the rest of us what’s wrong with us. Mitt Romney didn’t do that directly – he spoke to a private gathering of good Americans and explained to them what’s wrong with the rest of us – and that was secretly recorded and then broadcast to the world. 3,630 more words

Mike Huckabee

Bring 'Em Back

I am absolutely fond of traffic enforcement cameras on interstates and at intersections. (Well, there probably goes half of my readers.) Photo-enforcement is such a touchy subject, amongst us civilians these days, although it really doesn’t make much sense to me why some would be against curtailing speeders and red-light runners. 716 more words

Trashing Arizona Again


The clowns who shot up attempted to shoot up wounded a cop and became DRT* had lived and worked in Arizona.

One reportedly owned a pizza shop.  130 more words