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Personal Responsibility

Personal responsibility.

Your life is your responsibility.

You might find a fat, ugly troll is keeping you from achieving your best, or breaking free from a lifetime of indentured servitude to masters you hardly know.  169 more words


Expanding Personal Potential Through Friendship

The need to belong is as indelible a part of being human as it is for our hearts to continue beating and our lungs to continue circulating oxygen. 955 more words


A little Rant About Rape

*Edited to add: I am speaking in relation to our American culture. NOT the atrocities occurring across the globe.*

I was having a minor debate/exchange with a woman just a few minutes ago. 744 more words

American Culture Issues


In case you were wondering how I feel about this..


This Is Why I Don't Believe In Luck

There are two types of luck, good and bad, and I don’t believe in either of them.

Luck assumes that the universe is working for or against you, and I don’t think the universe gives a shit one way or the other. 237 more words

Forbes Now: Atul Gawande And Charles Munger On Why More Health Care Isn't Better

One of the nation’s more recognizable physicians, Atul Gawande, joins the parade of people with common sense, who are decrying our medical care system’s marketing mania and reliance on the philosophy that more is better and that paying to DO things is the right strategy for creating health in our population. 103 more words

Health Policy

When Your Best Isn’t Good Enough

Yesterday was an awesome day, mostly. Laundry and housework were finished early. I cleared out a cabinet that has been driving me nuts. I made a grocery run and got dinner in the slow cooker early. 1,258 more words

Living Better