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Will I Find Love? A Tarot Spread

Hi everyone! It seems whenever I’m interested in someone they’re either not interested back ; _ ; So to cheer myself up I’ve decided to do a spread for myself ^^ 415 more words

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Hello world! + A simple spread

Hi everyone! I’m an 18 year old girl living in Sydney who’s trying to learn how to read tarot spreads. Please join me on this journey~ I’m using the traditional Rider Waite Tarot. 449 more words

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Personal Reading - Participate designing with user - generated content

Participate review;

Designing with user – generated content

“Why did the graphic designer cross the road?” “To see where the crowd is moving” Ellen Lupton, this foreword joke immediately caught my interest in this book, as I found this joke to resonate with me as a designer, always looking at where people are moving to, what trends are in, what the masses search for and find interesting, so instantly a book filled with the work and quotes of current well known designers was a goldmine for me! 224 more words

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Standing Nervously at the Starting Line ~ Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Standing Nervously at the Starting Line

December 14, 2014 By Steve Beckow

I had a reading Dec. 10, 2014 with the Boss and he said some things that are so uplifting for me that I feel the need to share them. 609 more words

Golden Age Of Gaia

Erotic Delights - Sexual Astrology Reading

Based on your Natal Chart, The Erotic Delights Astrology Report takes a provocative look at the positions of the planets in your birth chart to reveal your true sexual nature and help you maximize your erotic potential. 28 more words