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Do you even 'Travel' bro... or do you just live overseas?

It’s an odd moment when you realise that even though you’ve been away from home for months and months, you’ve barely travelled at all.

When you have personal issues in your life, escaping them just isn’t an option. 724 more words


Stuck in a rut...

Typical… I’m a female and having a moment, what a cliché, but at the moment I feel like my head may explode! Now don’t get me wrong, I’m as healthy as a horse physically, but mentally? 461 more words


TV show junkie

I’ve become a TV show junkie. There I said it!

I’m hooked. Once I put my daughter to bed, I look forward to the moment that I will sit on my couch bed and turn on my laptop. 278 more words

Random Thoughts


I have a really weird problem. I’m super uncomfortable with talking on the phone. Put me in front of crowd and I can speak without a glitch. 107 more words

Random Thoughts

8 Tips For An Easier Period

Ah, menstruation. Many of my bravest, frilliest underwear weathered your storm…though hardly untouched. Your crimson wave of cravings, pain, and mood swings come almost without warning and leave zero survivors in its wake. 1,970 more words

How To Periods

Blog topic #12 {depression}

So my next pick gave me “depression” so I’ll be giving some advice and tips as well with this one, also if you know anyone who needs help maybe this will help them or tell them to message me and maybe I can help them, I’m not trying to be cocky I’m just saying hopefully I can help them. 542 more words