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Commitment Phobia

By Shivani Misri Sadhoo

‘Fear of commitment’ is a well-known phrase. We hear it all the time, and we use it to describe ourselves or the other people who seem chronically unable to decide whether to commit properly to a relationship. 794 more words

Commitment Phobia

Almost Famous Forever

Cameron Crowe’s Almost Famous is one of the greatest stories of my time. Like all great stories, they can be enjoyed over and over, each time revealing a new nuance that we didn’t catch the first 10 times we enjoyed it. 1,165 more words

Social Commentary

Staring Barrel.

Some time ago, all I could think about every single day, at least 5-10 times a day, was how I would dispatch my life. I wondered often how it would feel to pull the trigger; Whether I would jerk with buck fever, or squeeze with a sense of peace and completion. 986 more words

Time still goes on

So it has been awhile since I have actually made a post on here…just thought I’d log on and let the silent void known as the internet know that time still goes on for me. 149 more words


An open love letter to American Express

While I was at lunch today, I was trying to think of a product that I use every day. Pondering the ins and outs of my daily life (no pun intended) in the In-N-Out drive through, I was reminded about how exciting it is that In-N-Out now accepts American Express. 808 more words

No Filter.

Today during rugby practice, something pretty normal happened, and I think it might have gone a little too far, but eh, what the hell. It was interesting to say the least. 574 more words


Timeless Advice: Leaving Personal Problems at Home

“Do not bring your personal problems to the office. You may rest assured no one is interested. Leave them at home, or, if you must, discuss them with a friend during lunch.” … 435 more words