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Full Disclosure

When it comes to dating, I feel that two facts about me have to be disclosed. One, that I am bipolar. Two, and more importantly to dating, … 676 more words


Controlled by my emotions?

Have you ever thought to yourself that something won’t be so bad, but when it happens, all you can do it cry?  How about trying so hard not to cry that it physically hurts?   204 more words


10 Things to Remember if You Don't Want Me to Unfairly Compare You to Every Failed Relationship I've Ever Had

You may have seen some the countless Lifehack articles coaching you on how to love people from the highly creative to the anxiety riddled (I’m sorry, I should say the more-neutral “those suffering with anxiety,” but, since I’m in that camp, I like to poke fun), and their knock-offs around the web.  620 more words


Approving Disapproval.

The worst, absolute worst thing I have to deal with every day is my inability to completely cope with another’s opinion of me. In high school, I was mostly oblivious to the nasty and vile shit people would say about me, because I did not give a flying fuck; I had music, and drum line, and pep band, and my car, and I did not need anyone else. 478 more words



Unstoppable, it has an insane premise that relies on stupidity, idiocy, and absolute absentmindedness and that is precisely what makes it hilariously awesome!

Who needs to think about the details when you have actors you actually like doing something that makes clearly no sense and yet manages to make a fun movie? 413 more words


Baseball's Here (for me)

With baseball season kicking off earlier this week, we got the expected wave of baseball excitement. (This being the only cool post.) The angry gremlin in me was annoyed of course because of my high sensitivity to pinkhatsmanship. 393 more words

Personal Problems