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The vessel where I store myself is permeable;
I want to be able to get out, should the need arise.  Mostly, though,
I am content within earthenware walls, 248 more words


A Morning of Tarot

This morning I woke early, the house was quiet and dark. I lit some candles and sat in my chair while I shuffled my cards and let my thoughts float. 55 more words

Falling Off Your Path

In life we will get knocked off our path many times… the important thing is that we get up, dust ourselves off and get back on that road. 40 more words


Fallow February

The shortest month is oft the longest;
I know this much is true.
When grey and black and white are all the colors not intentional, 112 more words


Knowledge, Wisdom, and Gnosis: The Pagan Experience

We begin March with the prompt of Knowledge, Wisdom, and Gnosis- What do these words mean to you? How do you express these principles in your spiritual work? 635 more words


on accessing your inner genius (daily hot! quote)

“Your oddity is the path to your genius.” -Amy Larson, amyjalapeno.com



Hail, Caffeina, Bringer of Good Things!
Through you, all is possible.

The deification of a molecule sounds, well, silly when said right out like that: “Hey!  514 more words