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The Journey Begins

For a very long time I have felt as though I have something to say; something that people would want to hear. Part of me thought there might be some people who would… 658 more words


Month After "Coil & Stent," #20 Aneurysm Series

New to this series?  I’ve been blogging my experience with “a large brain aneurysm” for family and friends as explained in the first post, “Still Skating With A Brain Aneurysm?” 720 more words


ANNALS of FAITH: A Tale of Two Cities, As It Were

Behind me, many leagues down a long and forlorn road lay the ruins of a city. Years have passed since a raucous mob burst through gates once thought impenetrable and pulled down walls once thought insurmountable. 4,062 more words


May 2012... Making Moves and Making Up!

Transitioning from Bellydance 101, to Bellydance Basics meant moving to the next step… learning choreography.  Christy, Jackie and I, armed with a few basic moves under our coin belt, jumped right in for the challenge with very wide eyes, and maybe a small grimace of trepidation hidden behind our smiles!! 686 more words


April 2012... Stepping Out of the Studio

The first few weeks of Bellydance 101 were all about learning the basic moves.  This was the foundation upon which everything else we did would be built.   318 more words


March 2012... All In!

Everyone has their own personal journey into the world of bellydance and their own story about getting to that first class.  I think mine was fate and given that fate went halfway around the world in order to find me, I don’t think I am exaggerating that much! 458 more words


Interlude: Evolution and Revolution

A funny thing happened on my way back to school.  I found a Community.

I’ve posted before about unexpectedly finding a home at a Unitarian Universalist church, and while this is an update to that post, it’s also an expansion of it. 376 more words

Personal Journey