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Thoughts and My Autobiography

Ok, before beginning my narrative proper I feel a need to explain it. I have neglected this blog a great deal. I want to make myself a better writer, the best way to do so is to write more. 663 more words

Personal Issues

Adventure in Fear of God, Afraid of Church

This is going to be long, and it’s going to be messy, but it’s going to be something I need to say. So stay with me. 1,766 more words

Personal Issues

Emotional Abuse from Relatives

What makes me write a blog post regarding this issues is that all the bottled up emotions and frustration that I endure during the annual spring family dinner gathering with my relatives on my dad’s side. 847 more words


Behind Your Back Communication

When is it okay to go to your sisters’ friend about a family issue?  Seriously.  My sister is having issues about the marriage of me and my Fiancé’ so she went to my best friend, behind my back; apparently thinking she, Faith, is what I will call her (if I remember that in the future) will help to change my mind.  170 more words

True Life

Life can be cruel.

Life has been a total bi*ch throughout this month. Let’s round it up and say year. You ever go through that period when everything is just going wrong, family issues, work issues, personal issues and you think to yourself, … 143 more words



Hey Moonies!

It’s that time of year again! Finals is here and procrastination at its finest is in full swing.

I know some of you already took finals last week, others taking it later in the weeks; so I’m just saying to the people that already took it hope you pass and the ones about to take it soon, good luck. 102 more words

Personal Issues

Happy Mother's Day!

Hey Moonies!

Just letting y’all know that today is a special day for all mothers. I currently with my mom right now eating my favorite Salvadoran dish, the pupusas. 178 more words

Personal Issues