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Peace & Grudges

Today, while walking around the farmer’s market, my best friend in the world told me that she looks up to me for the most recent success in personal growth I’ve achieved. 480 more words



Regret. Chances are if you’re old enough to be on the internet and social media, you have a regret or two!

Perhaps it’s a bad marriage or maybe you made some poor financial decisions. 832 more words

Daily Action Plan For Guaranteed Success

When it comes to succeeding in network marketing, there must be a daily action plan for guaranteed success. Your willingness to take action will result in your success or lack thereof. 374 more words

Personal Development

Angry... Vent/Rant before I explode. Or implode.

The impetus for me to restart this blog was the most recent deception. It was not just a deception, but it was a seemingly calculated manipulation, designed to give me hope that FINALLY he was pulling his head out of his ass, and was going to get help for his addiction and anger issues, and work to earn my trust back. 2,320 more words

Caleb James Montgomery

How to Maintain an Attitude of Gratitude





By now, the important place that holding an attitude of gratitude occupies in personal/spiritual development and even practical planning has received enough mainstream press to be passe. 711 more words

Personal Growth

World's Shortest Blog

What would the worlds shortest blog be I wondered?

How short would the worlds shortest blog be?

Well not being sure I thought I’d try by writing my own and seeing how useful this would be as an exercise. 81 more words

Law Of Attraction

Joy in Serving Others

Not only is having a connection to people a key to joy but helping others is another key.  Whether it is formal volunteering or simply doing something for those in your regular, daily life – strangers, acquaintances, friends or family – does not matter.  388 more words