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China Crash Continues

China’s Shenzhen stock market is down over 30%. This bubble burst has a lot in common with other market bubbles: a rapid rise, a surge of retail investors, buying with borrowed money. 113 more words


Student Debt Hits All Ages

Mention student debt and conjure an image of a 25 year old recent college graduate. Their situation is tough. They are not alone. Older workers are encouraged to retrain themselves as companies shift, automation and robotics take over jobs, and as economic disruptions hit. 126 more words


In Greece, The Chickens Are Coming Home to Roost

The Greek referendum will be done soon.  Their economic wilderness will be in better focus and the lessons learned should be larger than mere economics. 492 more words

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Finances And Fireworks

Boom. The Seattle area has been one of the driest in the country since the beginning of May. We’ve had less than one inch of rain in more than two months. 1,229 more words

How to Deal With a Financial Setback

Most people at some point in their lives will eventually have to deal with a blow to their finances. Everything from job loss to an unexpected car repair can wreak havoc on a budget. 525 more words


Financial Independence

For many, this long weekend is a time of national celebration. The Winning Williams love to celebrate the 4th of July Holiday. We love the freedoms afforded to us by living in this amazing country and appreciate the sacrifice and dedication of our military, past and present, to give us the amazing opportunities that we have. 669 more words

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[Lesson] Tracking Your Cash Back and Rewards

As your credit portfolio starts growing, it is a good idea to look at ways to track your spending and rewards so that you can highlight the strengths and correct any weaknesses. 978 more words

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