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I Like, Therefore I Write...

One reason I became an author–second only to needing to do something about the voices in my head–was it gave me a chance to write books… 671 more words

Personal Experiences

Long Story Telling - Fear of Ghosts

Have you ever, as a kid, been afraid of ghosts? I wasn’t until a few events took place.

I will warn you that this is a long read, so brace yourself and grab a cup of coffee or tea, as I am going to share with you what happened. 1,472 more words


Rowing WOD 3/4/15: 15 x :20 On, :40 Off – Post Fastest, Slowest, and Avg Split

Rowing WOD:

15 x :20 On, :40 Off

Max Pressure

  • Post Fastest, Slowest, and Avg Split to Comments

Elite fitness is all about developing power through high intensity.   168 more words


Noddy in Fuzzy Felt Toyland

As promised I got out my fuzzy felt set and took plenty of pictures for you. On trying to make the suggested pictures I discovered there were actually quite a lot of missing pieces but mostly just the narrow strips which I can easily cut out of felt myself. 464 more words

Written By Fiona

Detachment eases the baggage that our life-long experiences use to hold us back from greatness

Detachment is the art of withdrawing desire from lesser things, letting them fall away, so
as to harness their power to reach the heights of what a human being can attain. 2,930 more words

Random Thoughts

Rowing WOD 3/3/15: Double Pyramids and Training in Jacksonville, FL

Rowing WOD:

Double Pyramids

2 x 19min as follows …

  • 4′ @18 s/m, 3′ @20, 2′ @22, 1′ @24, 2′ @22, 3′ @20, 4′ @18…
  • 284 more words

My First Time on Foreign Sand

Growing up, I wouldn’t particularly say that we were poor, but we certainly didn’t live lavishly.  My parents didn’t always have it easy trying to make ends meet.  1,470 more words

Personal Experiences