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Greetings from My Apartment

Last week I have the privilege to be off for a week and altogether I get a free holiday with the whole package. How graceful life is! 698 more words

Personal Experiences

Appreciating the SLOW Removal of Band-Aids

For as many years as I am breathing, I purpose to return to God on this day, July 6th, and remind Him, myself, all of earth, all of heaven and all of hell that God is a GOOD Father.  932 more words

Personal Experiences

Feast of Love - Day 9

As I am Day 9 I battle waiting to understand what I need to sacrifice, what God wants from me, and what he wants me to give up for Him. 1,012 more words

Personal Experiences

Mathematical Almora

For last two weeks I was in Almora (SSJ Campus of Kumaon University), attending Undergraduate Summer Workshop. There were lectures and tutorials on Group Theory, Linear Algebra and Real Analysis. 162 more words

Personal Experiences

My Self-Editing Checklist

Over the years, between feedback from critique groups/beta readers/editors, various workshops, and personal habits I’ve realized, I have gathered a checklist of self-editing items about a mile long. 918 more words

Personal Experiences

Develop Habits of Success

If you think success happen by luck and wealth happen by accident, you couldn’t be more wrong..

People who have built wealth and success have habits that make them more productive and effective. 921 more words

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Wednesday Blog #17 My gaming blog

Boss theme from a dungeon in FF14. You tell me how immersive that music is… compared to something in World of Warcraft. SCROLL DOWN TO AVOID SPOILERS. 1,317 more words