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 Sweet Sweet Sucre

Our bus to Sucre was positively freezing from the moment we got on. All the locals had their blankets, and although Nina and I were wearing as many layers as possible, it wasn’t enough, there was no way we would sleep being this cold. 3,422 more words


Homo Oeconomicus versus homo reciprocans

Man today is characterized by economic pursuit for the sacrifice of right endeavour. Right endeavour is that which is not only beneficial for the producer, but also for the community, society or even world. 609 more words

Personal Evolution

Leadership Stories we Tell Ourselves and Teach Others

Often we’ve written a script in our heads that may or may not be true. But this script can be limiting us from attaining our full potential. 583 more words


What Changed? 365ideas4change Number 16

It’s been a rough day. I’ve had to be vividly conscious of letting everything flow through me, not hold onto anything that I could not control, and even some that I could, I had to give up because it wasn’t about me. 302 more words

Personal Development

Going Within or going Without

Today has been a time for reflection for us Londoners.  10 years ago, London’s transport system was the subject of a terrorist attack.  I have been listening to the radio and hearing how 7/7 has impacted on the lives of many, and sadly for some, the suffering continues to this day. 342 more words


How To Build Your Life Force and Rejuvenate Yourself

Is it possible to totally transform your life?
The physical body, your happiness, your finances, your relationships, etc?
Like a complete re-do
Better yet, a complete upgrade… 1,598 more words


How to break free from Karma

Some time ago I wrote a post called “Karma and Dharma: An Introduction.” which is basically a really basic description of a complex topic. 1,169 more words

Happiness In Self-perfection