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The Motivation Manifesto

“…That is ultimately what Personal Freedom is: liberty from the restrictions of social oppression and the tragic self-oppression that is fear. Freed from these things, we have the ability to express who we truly are and pursue what we deeply desire without restrictions set by others or ourselves. 45 more words

Personal Development

Why we do what we do

“Authenticity necessitates behaving autonomously, for it means being the author of one’s actions—acting in accord with one’s true inner self. The key to understanding autonomy, authenticity, and self is the psychological process called integration. 81 more words

Personal Development


“One of the largest, strongest horses in the world is the Belgian draft horse. Competitions are held to see which horse can pull the most, and one Belgian can pull eight thousand pounds. 126 more words

Personal Development

The Tools

“I can confidently predict that you’re going to find yourself in the exact same boat. You’ll try the tools, love what they do for you, and yet you’ll stop using them. 79 more words

Personal Development

The Big Picture

“Here’s a hint to help you get started: Your purpose probably has something to do with having a better life. For many people, the first “purpose” that comes to mind has to do with money, vanity, reputation, or material stuff. 158 more words

Personal Development

Vegas, Books, Boats and Lakes

It’s been a month or two since I posted a blog so I thought I would update you on my journey through life.  You must be wondering what have I been up to. 1,064 more words


What's Right With You Today?

Made progress on the basement, garden is weeded out and looks nice again, lots of wildflowers have started blooming and I got to sleep in this morning. 6 more words

Inner Dialogue