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Welcome everyone!

I’m really excited to start sharing my experiences with you!

I will be sharing everything from motivation, personal development, fitness, and nutrition. Basically, anything that inspires me to become a better, healthier human being. 77 more words


Time to Change My Story

I struggle with being a quitter*. Funny thing is no one has ever associated that word with me. But it’s the damaging narrative I’ve told myself for almost 10 years. 90 more words

100 Words

Are You a Healer?

I was looking around in a local folk art store the other day and some beautiful stone pendents caught my eye. The store clerk took them out of the case so I could get a better look and she asked me if I was a healer. 370 more words

Personal Development

Self Knowledge

There is nothing that helps a man in his conduct through life more than a knowledge of his own characteristic weakness (which guarded against becomes his strength).

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Meditation is Pointless

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One of the most popular misconceptions of the Christian faithful is that they are forever praying. In my own experience I have found this to be rather far from the truth. 437 more words


Mercy + Truth

In preparation for my next book chapter, I was looking at the word “truth” ( Strong’s number 571 – faithfulness, reliability, trustworthiness, truth…what conforms to reality in contrast to what is false). 922 more words


Nature Yourself - eat local, drink local, buy local

“Shake the hand that feeds you.”
~Michael Pollan

The local food movement has gained major traction in the last few years – and for good reason. 99 more words