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The co-relation between expectation and being positive

Today while I was commuting to my work, there was huge traffic pile up. The vehicles were moving at snails pace for a really long stretch. 623 more words

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Portrait of a marketeer - Isn't it the everyday person you want to meet?

Marketing is a rapidly transforming profession. Now more than ever, Marketers have to be proficient in and knowledgeable about a wide array of topics and skills. 185 more words

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22 Success Quotes That Will Inspire You

I love quotes because they hit the spot when I need a quick boost of motivation and these are some success quotes that will surely inspire you to keep going. 609 more words

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Visual Facilitation Comprehensive Program in Kuala Lumpur

Would you like to FACILITATE with VISUALS?
Would you like to NAVIGATE your discussions with the best THINKING PROCESS?
Would you like to be more INCLUSIVE when you conduct your training, discussion, in your decision-making process or even in your KPI or brainstorming session? 61 more words


Listening is an act of humility

In 1973, a man named John Francis began what would become a 17 year vow of silence.

A short while before that, in 1971, he started walking everywhere after another oil spill in San Francisco. 745 more words

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Nothing Needs to BE Fixed

I was having a conversation earlier about the medical vs. the natural approach. Being raised in a medical household, I see the “something is wrong so fix it” model and  when I look on the side of a healer, I see the same thing . 181 more words


Jenga - Didem Deligönül

Hani sen öyle yarım ağızla KARIM diyorsun ya, ayar oluyorum sana. Arkadaşlarınla dolaşıyorsun, işe gidiyorsun, çıkışta drink (!) alıyorsun ya hani.. Gün boyu bekârdan hallice görüntünden ayrı ve gizli bir haz alıyorsun ya..Yürüyüşün, ses tonun, bakışın değişiyor ya..Kaşın gözün bi’ hâl alıyor, daha bi’ enerjik (!) oluyorsun ya; gıcık oluyorum.  81 more words

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