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In case of emergency

Hoping we never find ourselves in circumstances requiring the assistance of support services, knowing they exist in case of emergency provides a certain peace of mind. 314 more words

Brian Groves

Are You Stressed, Fatigued or Experiencing Menopausal Symptoms

During my “Over 50 and Loving It” webinars, I highlight very useful self-care options for my clients to feel their best as they age gracefully. This self-care tip however in not limited to women over fifty. 100 more words


Being Yourself

As you go through life you have probably heard a lot of people telling you to “just be yourself”, but have you ever found yourself wondering how do you “just be yourself”? 182 more words


Stand out

We are often afraid to stand out and be different. This is commonly seen in society and is quite dangerous; those with potentials of being giants become lambs that follow the crowd.

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Discovering the ME in TEAM

As teams expand and evolve, the dynamic shifts, expectations change and pressure mounts to achieve results. It is important that the team can adapt and collaborate effectively, using the various strengths to its advantage whilst being wary of potential disconnects. 552 more words

Personal Development

Imposter Syndrome: Why Superstars Often Feel Like Shit

I’ll admit it, I’m accustomed to being the smartest person in the room. It’s a comfortable place, and it allows me to hide my feelings of inadequacy behind a mask of subject matter expertise, fluid communication, and wit. 473 more words

Self Discovery

Don't Worry About Me... I Got This

A pattern I often see with young adults is fierce independence. Their attitude seems to scream “Don’t worry about me, I got this!” Yet when their desired results aren’t achieved as planned, sinking attitudes and stagnating momentum set in. 356 more words

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