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To Blog or Not to Blog

Not to blog was the decision I made and I stuck with it until recently. From my point of view, it was completely pointless to waste time on blogging and sharing your personal opinions with the rest of the world. 171 more words


"It's Complicated"

If my relationship with food was a Facebook status it would definitely be “it’s complicated” but I’m constantly striving to get past this stage into a healthy effortless relationship.   618 more words

Lifestyle Change

#tdov Happy Trans* Day of Visibility 2015!

I wanted to make a post on my blog (rare thing lately, I know) especially for International Trans* Day of Visibility. This obviously takes precedence over my birthday, which was a few days ago and went unremarked on here. 837 more words

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Getting To OK

CN: anxiety, depression

So I wrote a blog post a few weeks ago all about how I’m not as OK as I seem to be in meatspace and I thought about posting that up today. 431 more words

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March '15 in Review

If you’ve been following the blog for a while, then you’d know that my big event this month was the spring break California road trip… 294 more words



My husband purchased a king size bed for us, and waiting for it to arrive was worse than Christmas. I sat myself down by an open window facing the street, and waited. 135 more words


Isn't it obvious?

For a long time I have thought I was weird for having such short lasting relationships, but then I read about people who are healing from a 5 year relationship with someone who treated them like crap and I wonder  370 more words