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We Enjoy Being Slaves

Between love and hate lays insanity,
Often times freedom, equality, justice,
Cannot comprehend if they are a gift or a right,
If they were a gift, 288 more words


Love Me For Who I Am

There has been nothing that I’ve already given,
There has been nothing that I’ve already done,

Accept me for who I am,
Never ask me to be anyone else… 69 more words


Sleeping With The Enemy

Demanded ‘stop preaching’,
Accused everyone understands what I’m saying,
Email read ‘equality exist’ and ‘racism died’,
Aware I might be ‘too creative’,
Tickled my fancy, 148 more words


Who Am I?

I’m not a Stepping stone for others to step,
I’m not a Needle in the haystack,
I’m not a Broken toy to fix,
I’m not a Stranger to seduce, 174 more words


Homeless Knowledge

‘What are you hungry for?’

I was starving,
Sometimes I don’t eat for days,
Lucky if I can find half an apple,

Instead of sounding needy, 192 more words


Reversal of Rights

Voice of one million slaves,
Can’t deny rights,
Fight suicide,
No situation impossible,
Mission impossible $hit ain’t suicide,
Escaped in disguise,

Cleaning wounds,
Gunshots heard, 83 more words


Let's Talk Heart To Heart

Today, I’d like to address the 3 p(s) I hear most frequently (which I have done myself too) when a person wants to start his/her own blog. 521 more words

Somebody's Opinion