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The confident, get-it-done type 😉

Morning all and apologies for the rather erratic blogging recently.  We have been going through an exciting shift on our farm and it has rather monoplised our thoughts of late. 39 more words


Who isn't playing the long con?

The trouble with seeking connections with others online is that you’re always being drawn in by a projection. You’re only ever seeing what they want you to see, what they’ve allowed past the filter of editing and run times. 310 more words



This does not happen to me a lot: getting struck by actual art. But when it does it renders me speechless. Therefore I can not begin to explain to what extent these paintings by Amy Judd reach into my very core. 19 more words


The People We Least Expect

And I saw everything turned green as the whispering voice command me to close my eyes, to turn my face towards the sky and pray for everyone around the room… 945 more words


Nurse: before we finish your assessment, is there anything we haven’t covered that you want us to know?

Me: I just wanted to say that, just because I can go through life on a every day without having a big break down doesn’t mean I’m okay. 73 more words


BEDA 17: Long week

I met up with two friends on Wednesday for dinner and we all independently concurred that it felt like a Thursday, meaning penultimate day of the week. 741 more words


Preparing to Teach

Since I teach color guard, I have to be prepared way before rehearsal even begins. I can have as little as two hours or as much as 12 hours to get everything done and I always need more time! 279 more words