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Life Is Strange-ly Telling

WARNING: This post will contain major spoilers to key parts of Life Is Strange episode 2.

I was on the fence about Life Is Strange… 1,816 more words

Video Games

A Place In My Mind

There’s a place in my mind

And it’s really not that hard to find

It’s a place that never gets cold

It’s a place where true love overflows… 354 more words


All aboard the Hogwarts express!

I was a very giddy kipper on Saturday (28 March) as we were headed to the Harry Potter studio tour, for my third time! Yet again, it was amazing! 380 more words


Treat Yo Self

Last week I followed in the wise footsteps of Tom Haverford and Donna Meagle.


That’s right, I treated myself.

After a very stressful past month and a half, I was feeling out of sorts. 714 more words


I Had an Open and Candid Talk with My Mom Yesterday...

And I’m glad I did, that was most likely the longest time I’ve ever talked in one sitting. There was a variety of topics I discussed with her and it’s definitely great that I was able to say everything that was on my mind and a little bit more. 226 more words


Versatile Blogger Award

Hey fellow beauty lovers!

I was nominated by beautybybabes.wordpress.com for the versatile blogger award. Thank you so much for nominating me. Also, please go check out her blog because she has some amazing post. 236 more words


Week - by - week goals

I know this may seem crazy, but because I have the wedding as an end date I think it’s really going to push me to get out the door and hit the streets a lot more. 47 more words