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Friends and Family

I was trying so hard to get used to the idea of my little brother getting older. For the past three months I was going around in a stupor, repeating to myself “Bub’s going to be twelve soon. 466 more words


Note to self.

Must make time on Sunday for awards. I’ve got 3 to go and I’m hoping I’m not missing out on anyone…


Cancún on a Budget

Blogged about my Cancún trip here. Click to check it out :-)



I have finally disintegrated
the crumbs of my skin break apart
where your lips touch them
oh, how to describe the agony of
drifting far away from the work I… 20 more words


This man said (via slam poetry) what I wanted to say.

Have you ever had that day in your life where everything you wanted to say (and rant) is too hard for you to comprehend. And then a friend will refer you to a slam poetry video in which all the lines are… 25 more words


Flies on the Window

Flies on the window

Trying to get out
Float to the top

Die at the bottom
Clean them out of the crease

In the frame
Wash my hands after

Sometimes I feel like the fly
Searching for sustenance

Lured inside by cool air
And pretty lights

& abundance of fruit
in bowls on kitchen tables

But then the window shuts,
And I am trapped

Will you clean me out,
When you find me

Dead at the Bottom?


My thoughts with my acads.


So, hey guys! I am currently a biology student in UPLB. I want to take up med but I think my grades can’t make it to the quota lol. 158 more words