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While growing up, I used to think I was in everybody’s way. I used to feel bad and self-piteous. But now I’ve come to realize that it’s the other way round! 167 more words


Reverence starts with humilty

When one thinks of the long-term adventure of education, we understand that learning is going to take place for the rest of our lives.  How much more when it comes to the things of God.   113 more words

Stop Comparisons

Comparisons should be avoided at all costs.

Each one of us is ‘Unique’. Each one of us has special talents within. Comparisons are only for inanimate and things which have a uniform base. 45 more words


How old friends described me

5’7 with skinny legs and full breasts, she sits with her legs crossed and never smiles. Big lips and small eyes with small hips and great tits. 367 more words

The opposite of me 

I thought there was a chance we’d end up together, as fate would have it you found the opposite of me and ran with it. … 174 more words

Zyban / Wellbutoin - I'm A Different Person!!!

I posted a month ago about whether or not I ought to start this med. my hesitation was it is contraindicated in those who have, or have ever had, an eating disorder. 79 more words