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The 14th Dalai Lamaˌ Tenzin Gyatso, shortened from Jetsun Jamphel Ngawang Lobsang Yeshe Tenzin Gyatso, born Lhamo Dondrub, in 6 July 1935 is the current Dalai Lama and is the longest-lived incumbent. 1,939 more words


I'm back, and I'm ready for more

I’m sorry for not posting as often as I usually do. Especially since I didn’t warn you that I was going to be away. I’ve been busy, and was having a hard time focusing on writing for a while. 401 more words

Droplets of Champagne

I had been given way to the belief that my life would be spent alone. I was forty-three, with no career to really speak of and I knew that the menopause, would begin the slow sterilization of my body. 650 more words

Your opponent


If your opponent is an important person – bring a gift and it will be easy to get an appointment.

If your opponent is the first person to speak – it will seem like they are right to the listening audience.   93 more words


Here I was going to type something about changes and how they are indifferent.  Not good but not bad either.  Just a simple change.

Right at this point in time, while I lay in bed, freezing my ass off because its too late to light up our wood fire, change is good. 266 more words


Do You Like Fireworks?

As a person with a lifelong obsession with and love of fireworks, I would like to know the community s feelings about them. I know that many people who have PTSD are greatly stressed by fireworks but perhaps there are also people who love them. 36 more words