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5 Steps to Writer Success: Monday, May 25th

Here is my interpretation of the 5 crucial steps to becoming a writer.

All writers go through stages, (all artists, not just writers). In the beginning you suck, in the end you’re a pro; in between, a bunch of mysterious stuff happens. 313 more words

Daily Journal


if you are looking for your dream job, but have no idea what the title is, or you are looking for it, but are having trouble- KEEP LOOKING!!! 209 more words


Insist to persist.

I’d like to talk to you about persistence. The word gets thrown around everywhere “persistence is key,” “persist until you succeed,” blah blah blah.
But I think it’s actually quite interesting. 394 more words


Who you choose to associate with now, will play a massive part of who you will be in 5 years.

This being one of the most important things to remember right now if you WANT something!

All good things take an initiation no different to an apprenticeship, no result of real excellence will come for at least 3/1/2 years, unless there is a circumstance of some description. 177 more words


Failure -- The Heart of Success

Everybody says that there is no success without failure.

As a writer, I feel as if I have failed a lot lately. Today I received word back from Longfellow’s Young Writer’s Workshop, a week long writer’s camp hosted by the University of Maine at Farmington that I very much want to attend. 310 more words

The Wind and the Sail

Tomorrow.  9 am. CHEMISTRY FINAL.

As I head into the most challenging exam that I’ve taken so far, I would like to talk about resistance. 280 more words


Don't Forget Your Lucky Knack - May 14, 2015 Dream

Apparently this dream occurred in the 10 minutes between the time my boyfriend got up and went into the living room this morning because he couldn’t sleep and the time that my alarm went off. 526 more words