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Effect of Influence

I am probably being somewhat of a mystic whatever that is in my belief about how deeply we affect each other. I believe every sin is a continual brick in Satan’s bridge to the real world and because of the increase of sin and lovelessness we all are going to reap a whirlwind in this world that is going to blow us all away. 323 more words

Loving Those Who Oppose

Do good to those who hate you. – Luke 6:27

Seemingly opposite to reason and the world’s thinking our Lord gave us the example of loving and blessing those who hate and do evil to us as believers. 286 more words

Reblog from a friend

I’m reblogging a recent post of a friend of mine. I’m sure many have seen the potential implications for Christian colleges if they refuse to admit gays. 183 more words


Faithful Until Death

Memorial Day. This upcoming Monday, May 25, is Memorial Day. It is a day to reflect upon and honor those Americans who have sacrificed their lives through military service for the sake of peace and justice. 658 more words

A.D. The Bible Continues

Ezra 4-7 The adversaries of Judah and Benjamin

From Ezra 4-7


Ezr 4.1-6; Cyrus-Darius-Xerxes; Adversaries Oppose the Rebuilding

Ezr 4.7-16; Artaxerxes; The Letter to King Artaxerxes

Ezr 4.17-24; Artaxerxes; The King Orders the Work to Cease… 1,521 more words



It was 488 years ago today, on May 21, 1527 that the Roman Catholic leaders put Michael Sattler to death because he refused to recant of his stand against their false teachings. 79 more words


Leading in Light of Hatred on the Horizon

Of the many sessions and workshops at this year’s Pastors’ Conference, one that is still rolling around in my head and heart is the opening service with Dr. 222 more words