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You Don't Need Permission

Good Morning Damsels!

Have you ever wanted to write a book? Start an online business? Start or join a club? But didn’t know if you were allowed to? 347 more words

Morning Motivation

Midnight Motivation: Permission

As much as they can be our liberators too, three of our biggest obstacles to success are our culture and society, our immediate circle of people, and ourselves. 164 more words

I Give Myself Permission

We learned if everyone of us did our job, each of us had a chance to survive. That job became our focus as we learned to shut all else out. 73 more words

A chaos of themes erupts
A time of allowing anarchy to thrive
Sleeping in the gasses of the fossils
Needing no ones permission
We let our troubles slip away… 71 more words

Mediocrity, Be Damned

I often wonder what my life would be like if I played by the rules. Society constrains us into thinking that if we don’t go about life the “normal” way, we’re headed down the beaten path of hopelessness and failure. 436 more words

A Dose Of Honesty

An Embedded Photographer Empowers the Poor

Scenes of poverty are inescapable in a country like Bangladesh, where Western media and charities use them to generate outrage, sympathy and — sometimes — donations. 62 more words