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Should We Ask Permission To Write About Others?

What responsibility do we have when we write about other people? Should we ask their permission in the way we’re portraying them? Should we ask to include them at all?  394 more words


What does it mean to properly cite a source?

Citing a source means you admit to readers that they aren’t the first to see the information you’re conveying. You (or some other entity) wrote or created the material and reprinted it first. 111 more words


Reprinting figures: When is permission required?

Always request permission to reprint figures unless you created the figure for the project it’s been printed in.

Seek written permission to reprint if:

  • You created the figure for a different work that you do not hold copyright for…
  • 100 more words


Can’t you believe me

When I say I’m unhappy

Can’t it mean something

‘Cause I don’t cry for nothing

And I’ve been crying for so long… 24 more words

How Do We Respond to Confederate Flag Fighting and Other Brouhaha?

Okay, y’all, this flag debate has gotten past a momentary foolish distraction from a very real tragedy to dangerous levels of cultural cleansing of an entire people. 718 more words

Life Lessons

the day i allowed myself to cry.

I called her for an appointment because I thought I needed help dealing with a bad ending to a job I’d just left.

After we lined up our schedules, I drove 45 minutes to meet her, confident that after she heard my story, she’d provide me with neat and tidy next steps and send me on my way. 419 more words


I take NO photos from Pinterest.

It is rude to take photos from a blog and paste them there!

Especially without permission.

Eddie Two Hawks