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Broke The Rules

Ask and it shall be given
No asking gotta go get it
Nobody can do it for us
Just wait on GOD they say
So I got up and met GOD… 135 more words


To publish or not to publish

Song for this video. Pink Floyd: Money.

As promised, I don’t usually use this forum to rant and rave. Believe me there is plenty to rant and rave about. 742 more words



To create is to go beyond the constraints of what has been done before, to be novel. Now, those constraints give you something to hit against, they tell you what to deviate from and they can help you inspire the passion to fight them. 62 more words


Past To Future

Sam Walton had values
Walmart still around today
Some set off into the future
With dreams and values
Many still around today
Just looking at the past… 118 more words


Why Do Kids Do What Their Parents Do?

Why do so many children follow in their parents professional footsteps? ¬†Investigate professional sports, or entertainment, or entrepreneurship, and you’ll find a large percentage of those making a living there had parents who did the same. ¬† 427 more words


I don’t know why but this is asking to be shared so here goes. Thanks to my Inner Source, few days back, I was “given” these declarations and was guided to say them out loud; it seems to have helped when I’m feeling out of sorts. 233 more words