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Lending Your Car - Top 10 Things to Consider

Your cousin borrows your car for the weekend.  Your babysitter uses your car to drive your kids to the swimming pool.  You’ve given them your permission – but what happens if there’s an accident when someone else is behind the wheel of your car? 445 more words



I have just created a new web application and site collection in SharePoint 2013.  With a large number of documents to place into a Document Library I thought it would be easier to copy and paste them using Windows Explorer, so I opened the document library and click Open with Explorer. 293 more words


Jesus Blogging … A New Way

Jesus Tweeting with prayer by Anne Rose © 2015

Audio version temporarily suspended.

My littlest child, don’t you feel my presence? I‘m never far from you. 81 more words


Jesus Blogging ... A New Way

My littlest child, don’t you feel my presence? I‘m never far from you. In fact, I’m closer than your very breath. If you agree, We can live this life together in a new way, a surprising way, so united that others will see Me when they look at you. 6 more words


Permission Granted: 4 Reasons Why Unity in Your Marriage is Better than Permission

Permission is a funny thing. Permission, defined, is authorization or consent. Sadly enough, this is how a lot of marriages work. The reason why marriages work that way, is there is a misunderstanding of unity and Lordship. 818 more words


Required ESXi permissions for UNMAP through PowerCLI

I received a question recently on another UNMAP post what are the minimum permissions required to run UNMAP with PowerCLI and finally got around to looking into it. 390 more words


Permission for photo uploading

On each of our servers we needed to ask for permission to be able to upload images, but as we mostly worked off one laptop, an on another server some of the members of the team including me didn’t ask or the permission. 16 more words

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