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Scripting in UNIX/Linux, basic test with Python and Perl

Scripting languages, there are lots of them. Speaking from my own experience, scripting is one of those programming activities that is intended to help us (IT guys, system administrators, UNIX guys, etc) either automate or improve data collection/processing/analysis as part of our daily activities. 751 more words

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Bugzilla Setup with Apache / Nginx and Mysql

# How to install Bugzilla on Ubuntu / Debian


Ubuntu/Debian is already installed and configured on machine.

Here are the main steps:

Install Perl(5.8.1 or above)
Install MySQL
Install Web-server Apache2/Nginx
Install Bugzilla 4.X
Install Perl modules
Bugzilla using Apache2 and Nginx
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Programming guide for pure beginners - 1

Hola amigos,

We discussed ‘What is programming?‘ a little while ago. Now that we know why we write programs, we will start with some basic ideas of how to write them. 1,089 more words

Computer Programming

Creating a GPS network service using a Raspberry Pi - Part 2

In the last article we learnt how to install and access a GPS module in a Raspberry Pi. Next, we want to write a network service that extracts the current location data – latitude, longitude and altitude – from the serial port. 907 more words


PERL Website Demonstration

As my final assignment of the year, I have created a website in PERL, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. This assignment has certainly been the most challenging of the year, yet the most fun to implement. 130 more words

Web Programming

Announcing ServiceNow::SOAP - a better Perl API

I am excited to announce the release on CPAN of ServiceNow::SOAP — a better Perl API for ServiceNow.

This module has the following features: