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Lession2: Perl Arrays

Link: http://www.tutorialspoint.com/perl/perl_arrays.htm

#!/usr/bin/perl (just used for note, actually we can ignore it with no side effects)

@ages = (25,30,40);
@names = ("John Paul", "Lisa", "Kumar");

print "\$ages[0] = $ages[0]\n";
print "\$ages[1] = $ages[1]\n";
print "\$ages[2] = $ages[2]\n";
print "\$names[0] = $names[0]\n";
print "\$names[1] = $names[1]\n";
print "\$names[2] = $names[2]\n";
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Lession1: Perl Operators

Link: http://www.tutorialspoint.com/perl/perl_operators.htm

Perl Equality Operators:

Assume variable $a holds 10 and variable $b holds 20 then: 1,037 more words


modern perl -- 5. References: a different Object Manager (Pending)

Perl provides a mechanism by which to refer to a value without making a copy —
Reference. It is an interface to manage object and a special scalar in any way. 656 more words


Highest Demand Programming Languages in March 2015

A question that I hear frequently is: “Which programming language (or languages) should I learn? Usually the person asking is a student and what they really mean is, “What programming language will get me a job?!” My usual answer is that it’s more important to focus on learning concepts (like: inheritance, composition, polymorphism, data structures, design patterns, etc.) because these are pretty much the same regardless of language. 501 more words


The Pi 2 Means Faster GPIO

The Raspberry Pi is a great machine to learn the ins and outs of blinking pins, but for doing anything that requires blinking pins fast… 149 more words

Raspberry Pi

PhishCheck - WHOIS domain lookup in Perl

Phishing often relies on the victim to click on a malicious link – usually being disguised as a legitimate service or website. The following perl script iterates through the given domain and checks if permutations have been registered. 225 more words