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Due for a day too many.

So I mustered all my courage and pulled out the bottle of perfume I hadn’t touched since the day we last met. *Deep breathe* It’s time. 96 more words


The garden of wonders - a journey through scent

The Garden of Wonders, a Journey Through Scents is a project by the Be Open Foundation, a creative think tank organized in the historical Orto Botanico di Brera in Milan, this spring in the context of the Expo 2015 in Milan, Italy. 152 more words


Candle Safety

Fragrance is my passion, and in my personal opinion there is hardly a better gift to receive or to give then a beautiful scented candle. It’s why I make them and it’s why I have lots of them! 460 more words


10 Genius Ways to Make Your Own Perfume

Who doesn’t love sitting next to a person who smells great? When you’re walking down the street and someone who smells really good passes you by, your first instinct is to savor the scent. 16 more words

Rose Flash by Tauerville

Andy Tauer makes perfume magical. He makes it a wonderful exercise.

On smelling and wearing Rose Flash, I am instantly transported to an image of Mr. 610 more words


Fragrance That Makes You Feel Nothing Less Than Royal!

Clive Christian, a luxury British interior designer and perfumer has recently created two of the world’s finest and most expensive bottles of fragrance.

FOR HER: 468 more words