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March Performance Dates

March is a busy month – I’ve already committed to 3 open mics! Tomorrow night I will be playing the featured set, which means you’ll hear 6 songs instead of the usual 2-3. 58 more words

Profiling the profiler: working around a six minute xperf hang

Anytime my computer is a little bit slow I’m likely to record a trace and take a quick look. If I’m lucky I’ll find an easy workaround, in which case I’ve got a potential blog post and a smoother running computer. 984 more words


"Can We Auto-Correct Humanity?" by Prince Ea

Recently, it was suggested that I might enjoy the below YouTube video by artist Prince Ea. I was, indeed, impressed with the masterful word-crafting evident in the performer-poet’s passionate message, which I now pass on to you: 12 more words


ETW Trace Compression (and xperf syntax refresher)

Despite extolling the virtues of wprui for recording ETW traces (here, and here) I’ve actually returned to using xperf.exe in batch files to do most of my trace recording. 928 more words



Known fact: Every MC owes their craft to the Great JAMES BROWN! But “RAP” The music of Hip Hop was introduced to the mainstream not as a solo act, but a group of MCs. 108 more words


A Curious Night on Broadway

Last week,  I was fortunate to see The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time at the Barrymore theater. This show is based on the best selling novel of the same title by Mark Haddon, and has just arrived from across the Atlantic where it had great success in London’s West-end. 507 more words


50 ways to fill your vector ...

“The problem is all inside your head” she said to me
“The answer is easy if you take it logically”
— Paul Simon, 50 ways to leave your lover… 1,727 more words