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The Sea of Monsters Review/Discussion

Percy  Jackson  is  a  good  kid,  but  he  can’t  seem  to  focus  on  his  schoolwork  or  control  his  temper.  And  lately,  being  away  at  boarding  school  is  only  getting  worse-Percy  could  have  sworn  his  pre-algebra  teacher  turned  into  a  monster  and  tried  to  kill  him.  

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A to Z: P is for the Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series

P is for the wonderful and magical Percy Jackson and the Olympians series by Rick Riordan.  If you’re looking for a great plot that weaves a plethora of Greek and Roman mythological characters together, then you must read this!  Riordan is a wickedly witty scribe, and I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve burst out laughing (in public, no less) on more than one occasion from reading this awesome series.  Camp Half-Blood is a world I return to time and time again, and I’m super excited about… 30 more words


Fifth Won the Games? Must be a Miracle

You should read “Daughter of Neptune” on Wattpad. http://w.tt/1CFr8nB

You guy should check it out. That is, if you love: Percy Jackson, Heroes of Olympus, and awesome people kicking butt. 31 more words

…Or #9 Witty Wednesday.

Yeah, I’m a bit late. Was busy celebrating the Tamil New Year yesterday. Happy New Year to all Tamilians out there!

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"Long Time No See" Wrap Up

It’s been a while. I’m really not good at this “consistency” thing. In my defence, it’s been a busy couple of months at school. Apparently film production is actually hard or something? 155 more words

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The Kane Chronicles Review

Before I start my review, I’d like to take a minute to freak out about the fact that I have less than two weeks of regular schools before my exams… 1,122 more words


The Goddess in Chains: Chapter V

Chapter V. The Wolf Who Cried Us Into Our Doom

The sun was still below the horizon, but the daylight is fast approaching. I looked at the clock at the wall of our cabin. 2,049 more words