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Perchance to Dream: Missing a certain "oomph"

I wish I had better things to say about this book than I do, but my main goal here is to be honest in what I say about the books I read. 1,486 more words


When all you need is that miracle, all you need is that chance. All you need is some music; all you need is to dance. Maybe all you need is to believe a little more in that dream, perchance!

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Twilight Zone Sn1 Ep9 "Perchance to Dream"

Original Airdate: November 27, 1959

I believe that an aspect of “Twilight Zone” that makes it such a powerful and strong storytelling device is that it isn’t tied down to a central narrative. 498 more words

Perchance to Dream - a short novel

I started out as a singer– My entire family have musical talent and we would sing around the baby grand piano on Sundays and holidays. It sounds idyllic, doesn’t it? 1,102 more words

Life And Death

False Alarm at a Funhouse

To say it takes a writer with a fertile imagination to write a Twilight Zone is an understatement. Rod Serling and others could spin a spellbinding story from remarkably ordinary circumstances. 709 more words

Twilight Zone

"Perchance To Dream"

When designing a luxury bedroom be creative.  The bedroom below is modern and very simple with the head-board and plain wooden bench, look at the lighting.  460 more words


Vamos a suponer que debajo de lo que yo llamo realidad hay unos duendecillos que se encargan de decidir ciertas cosas. No hablo de los duendecillos que saben cuándo me voy a morir o a dónde voy a ir cuando eso pase. 349 more words