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A Beckoning Shimmer

I hurried along, but something caught my eye as I passed and I was forced to stop and observe. There were small drops that draped over the coarse branches of a bush. 294 more words


Did you learn this mnemonic in art class? The color wheel’s sequence of colors is naturally patterned on the timeless rainbow, just as our eyes see the visible spectrum: red orange yellow green blue indigo violet. 400 more words


Would You Date You?

They say for every man, there is his/her counterpart. Whether or not this is true has yet to be proven. What we do know, as human we go through life hoping that our perfect match would appear and end our hopeless quest. 676 more words



Lecturing people is a singularly ineffective way to introduce new ways of thinking. Far better if they can discover by themselves.

Kazami Kazuki from Grisaia no Kajitsu


Just As It Is

Just as it is
this moment is fine–
perfect even.

Just as it is,
this mind
needs nothing more
than to be what it is– 99 more words



The mind knows truth as the person on a far hill knows light from the city,

as the soldier recognizes the sound of cannon fire from across the hills. 17 more words


Midnight islands of thought where a screaming soul chases back the dark while furious flashbacks stitch rage against such brooding recollections. The aspect of a cold breeze shivering through the trees of glass resonating notes of clarity and clearness within the moonlight as apparitions of granite flicker blackly.

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