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Decisions, decisions... | Life Update

Hey guys! So I haven’t posted on here in a while and I’ve been trying to think of something worth blogging about. I got some amazing feedback from my last personal post about the future being so freeing and whatnot that I decided to do another little personal update-type thing. 408 more words


much like a hermit crab


she enters backward…
much like a hermit crab entrances
a vacant shell encumbered…though
she not with balance angling claws

instead, she drags luggage through the door, 148 more words


Photography and how we see

“You don’t see with your eyes, you perceive with your mind” – Gorillaz

Last year I visited the Getty Museum in Los Angeles and spent my entire time with the photography exhibits. 604 more words


oh, Sam

Nobody was too happy today when I arrived on the other side of our hill to do some work.

It’s where Sam, Dog of the West, lives, who is my Boyfriend (we’ve had words about the paw on the boobs, for example) and Posterdog for Goofballness.  1,080 more words

Life Now

Rise of a Fat-shionista

Lunch at the Shangri-La will cost you more money than one could ever attempt to justify for three scallops and a glass of fizz that combined with the dizzying heights of the Shard leaves you counting the tiles on the floor en route to the ladies room at just gone 1pm. 987 more words

What is God?

Hey there folks!

For the entire time I have had this blog I have been nervous about talking about certain subjects, chief amongst them is religion. 815 more words


Honouring Today


maybe endless possibilities

beyond perception


I am working towards


uncertainties of life


I don’t know

I can’t understand


the phenomenon… 126 more words