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Thoughts on Peppa Pig 2 

So, ‘people’ in Peppa Pig occasionally enjoy a cup of tea. Where did they get the milk? There’s a Mrs Cow…. Awkward!

Peppa Pig

I'm back!

So my New Year’s resolution didn’t go so well, did it?! We have been so busy since January, with university, nursery and just general life. 1,041 more words

The new meaning of Easter?

What is Easter all about these days? I have never given much thought to what Easter has become until my three year old discovered it. Nothing like a slightly manic kinder Easter egg hunt to pique ones interest in Easter (hers, not mine)! 588 more words


Birthday Present - 3 year old

This weekend was my gorgeous wee niece’s birthday (not that I’m bias or anything!)

Using some of the money I’d got from selling scrap metal in February I bought her a second hand toy from a local childminder for £3…original cost was over £30! 216 more words

Thoughts on Peppa Pig 1 

So, my son is a big Peppa fan and naturally, I know all the episodes off by heart.

So, anyone notice how all the ‘intelligent’ characters are non human animals but Father Christmas and the Queen are human? What’s that about?

Peppa Pig

Kate and Mim Mim Reviews...

This animated series from Disney Jr/Disney was premiered in December of 2014 so it is still quite new. I think it holds great promise as a good show for preschoolers. 846 more words

Children's Show Reviews

Top 5 children's TV

Ah, as I think back to my childhood TV shows and smile, I’m adamant that the programmes back then were much better than the scheduling today. 288 more words