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Unfading Pulse

I knew: I was breathing my last!
So, I wanted to soak in all, I had;
See everyone…
I had loved to caress,

Everyone, before I leave. 147 more words

Hirra Sultan

My Nemesis AKA Frenemy (Only women can be friends and enemies at the same time)

By Daniella Djiogan

Jealousy isn’t the answer, but it’s hard to avoid.

It’s always there, hidden in the midst of your goodness,

In every smile, and hug… 101 more words


Old and in the May

May 2015- Going to open here with a really fine Po I ran across last month by Rodger Phillip Dennis. Reprinted here “By permission of Roger Philip Dennis / The Poetry Society” 1,083 more words

Po O' The Month

what happens after the storm

the storm has passed

but I don’t know where to go

wich path I should follow.

I left you behind

But what will be

I try but I can’t see. 40 more words


Welled Eyes

Looking down eleven floors
scary, without doors

Everything dark, a dog bark
Red moon, in full bloom

A wandering thought, results sought
pleasure of flying bought… 35 more words

Hirra Sultan

From Illusion To Reality

She looked around in tears
not knowing where to seek him
her curiosity only grew with time
no hopes of gaining answers.

She wandered in wilderness… 135 more words

Hirra Sultan

In the pursuit of craziness

Craziness to me is the ability to be uniquely free, totally myself without fearing what others say or think of me. Its taken a long Journey so far to get to the point of appreciating who I am as an individual. 707 more words

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