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#tbt - Bits of Poetry Amidst All the Busy

Fact #1:  When life gets busy , your creative moments tend to get pushed into a dusty, forgotten corner, and you convince yourself that you’ll “get to those later.” 508 more words


Addiction of pain
No use thinking loss or gain

That urge to fight
Overlooking other’s plight

A reply highly condemned
And what about self respect? 27 more words

Hirra Sultan


A cloud cover to hide her face
Was it pride or was it shame?

In and out, moving about
Was she done or making fun? 46 more words

Hirra Sultan

men run into secret cars

bury frustration at my knees

turn on the only channel tuned to your heart

can’t stay alive kicking through these doors

divide every opportunity into equal parts… 141 more words


At Fault?

It seemed something of a heart break
like asking for forgiveness after stabbing in back

Perplexed, she wondered
how had all this damage happened

there were thousands and thousands of thoughts… 107 more words

Hirra Sultan

Parting Note...

Of all the people that I met
there was one who would sweat

making people comfortable
gifting smiles; dreams seemed achievable

The one who cared for all… 18 more words

Hirra Sultan

Adjectival Endings

tight arse

rounded posterior

waddling behind

Pigs arse!

two axe-handles wide

trim bum

sore backside

hot seat

blushing cheeks,

nice buns

sad tail


with a happy ending!