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Grand Illusion July

July 2015- Was thinking to start off the first full month of this Summer w/ Po about the mandatory ritual celebration of our imaginary freedom. Just remember there fellow citizen-voids- Fire works are illegal (as is independent thought )Best left in the hands of the professionals- like the corporations-after all they know what’s best & safe for you. 111 more words

Po O' The Month

The Only Child

I woke up feeling dark today.

My soul, my conscious…all dark.

Dark like the heart of a widow.

Dark like a night in Ohio with no street lights. 214 more words

YOUTHFUL larger MATURE giants

And the fields of color           bending down to smile

bowing through and through

when you –> passing by ||    the sun feels you

~~~~~ turning the screw… 97 more words


Broken bliss

When care and concern seems a lie
and all you wanna do is lie down and cry

When everyone around seems selfish
leaving behind a huge blemish… 55 more words

Hirra Sultan

Another throwback

here’s a throwback of one of my poems …It’s really silly one so don’t mind it ..just have fun and enjoy.  check out my last post… 125 more words


Beam Chaser

They say not all those who wander are lost.

But how can you not be lost if you’ve never been found?

And found by whom? 128 more words


Today’s era, stand brave my fellow youth
For the young minds are invaded with modern tools
Be the history like once our hero were
Take off your mask, reach out and share… 66 more words