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Reckless Youth

I believed the first person who told me I had a purpose, and then when I grew tired of being used for other people’s purposes I decided to try and find my own. 200 more words

Stick Around

I don’t dislike Grindr and like most gay men I have used it at some point. This poem wasn’t intended to be an attack, but a vocalisation of some issues I have with the connections I’m making with other gay men on and off Grindr. 153 more words



She wakes early to jog round her street, before the sun shines its beauty

And the orange sun rays dare to claim the skies

She does push ups, squatting, sit ups… 483 more words


A Friend

I always thought how the world could be without having someone you called as friend? Would it still be beautiful or would it be just a filthy day that we want to end. 324 more words

Hey black child..

Hey black child can you hear me..

Black child modern slavery does not require whips and chains. Who really owns whom. We hold the whips and slash our own backs, whilst they just sit back and laugh. 424 more words

Be the change

I can be the change,
I can – I will be the change:
change is now, I am.

World poetry day.

So today is world poetry day!

I haven’t looked at poetry since i was at school! But i thought i would share the only poem i know off by heart :) 171 more words