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Life Unfolded

Beauty I hold
A child

I too
A child
Once held
In arms was told
To gather hope, to love to wonder, to unfold… 80 more words


Star Ablaze

A stable birth,
Red, messy, wet, naked,
Star ablaze.
In Palestine, the West Bank.
Through warmth and pain, the earth may rejoice
Your birth,
Peace arrived in the fragile newborn. 82 more words


Man of Peace

Hills of Tyre, Southern Lebanon
Further along the coast, over the hills, there is a closed border.
A border you walk through, man of peace. 116 more words



Shade spreads out across a speckled shore

A trillion fragments of seashells farewell the orange light

Blue sea bright, deepening to green with dusk

Sea birds nestled near, fish at play… 33 more words


Riding on Wings

Invisible currents flow over steel, pulling us skyward,

The metal bird swiftly passes through rain storm clouds.

Departing the patchworked fields of an Indiana spring, 52 more words


give us rest

A distant sleepy dawn,

I see me, as Peter, fireside afraid.

Jesus burnishing bright hope in the fire’s light.

Wood, hands, Death, spear, stone,

Then… 255 more words


boats moored out of harbor

Spring’s lingering light prompted a stroll down to the marina port where yachts and cruise boats were neatly parked, the mighty fishing boats puttering past, as the sun touched the horizon. 193 more words