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Nights like these I wish I had someone to lay with

To hold and to kiss.

I will lose myself within his abyss.

I know one day I’ll find him. 111 more words


You CAN not be a happy single!

recommended music for this post: L7-Bricks Are Heavy (Full Album)

“Do you have a new boyfriend?” is usually the most frequent asked question by my relatives. 390 more words



I probably found out something; the reason people at family gatherings ignore me, don’t speak a word to me.

I have a psychiatric illness…

People don’t look at you the way you are, but are projecting their ideas, prejudices and fears onto you. 23 more words



if you don’t know anything about migraines please don’t post things like this one… or at least post this MIGHT work for some people…. like everything else… first of all I suffer from MIGRAINES and I can’t use KALE nor LEMON because those trigger migraines in me… Even every neurologist will say that there isn’t any medicine which is good for ALL migraine sufferers… everyone has different approach to those, and migraine is triggered with different things…. 33 more words


Begin Again

It’s been a while. My words, somehow, feel unnatural—strangers again to my fingertips. To say that life is passing by in a blur is to belittle such a cunning thing.

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Quotes with Quoffee .4

If  I  love  you,  I  will  {show}  you.

If  I  do  not  love  you,  I  will  {tell}  you.

Show  me  that  you love  me,  but  if  you  don’t  love  me, 52 more words


Subway Mysteries

These two captured my imagination in the New York subway. What is that man listening to? Where did that lady get her scarf?

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