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Payday Can't Come Fast Enough

The woman ahead of us in line at the convenience store had a bit more than the impatient, bored look we all shared. She held her head high and spoke to the cashier in a friendly tone, paying for the gasoline she was going to pump. 876 more words

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Redefining Work

Is technology a net creator or destroyer of jobs? The question is as old as the Industrial Revolution, when workers in mills found themselves put out of work by large industrial looms. 1,050 more words

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Humbling Cold

(The Sage) knows he makes no fine display,
and wears rough clothes, not finery.
It is not in his expectancy of men
that they should understand his ways, … 814 more words

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Contracted Change

A generation or two ago, workers were able to count on companies large and small to take care of them. More than just their pay, the working people of America got something critical from their job – … 991 more words

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Did the ancient Greeks get their ideas from the Africans?

Did the ancient Greeks get their ideas from the Africans?

by Josh Clark

The sitcoms you watch on TV have their roots in classical Greek comedy. 1,495 more words


Peace – Through Joint Ventures

Everybody wants to be connected globally and engage their lives locally to get to know the global/international relationship and get to know the major issues and other interpersonal relations to make their community a better place to subsist in. 546 more words


The Future is Theirs

If you are worried about the future of the US or the world, you need to attend a FIRST Robotics Challenge Competition.  Your worries will dissolve into cheers for the moment and tears for the sheer beauty of kids doing amazing things – challenged and coached appropriately. 902 more words

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