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Author’s Note: Please take the below as tongue-in-cheek.

I’ve often seen it suggested that human breasts evolved to be perpetually swollen as a result of our bipedalism.   386 more words



It’s been a while since I’ve talked penises. Raising a 12-year-old boy ensures they’re never very far from my reality. My son loves to talk about his penis and the fact that almost everything gives him an erection nowadays. 880 more words


Sharing my sexuality

I moderate a forum dedicated to helping men overcome body issues and social anxiety. I hang out there because a long time ago I discovered that my best sexual partners tended to have smaller than average sized penises. 1,317 more words


Mystery giant penis 'could attract tourists'

Locals in North Wales are hoping that a giant penis which mysteriously appeared on a mountainside will become a tourist attraction. 235 more words

Weird News

Meet The Poor Sucker Who Claims He Only Has 100 Boners Left Before His Penis Breaks For Good

Here’s a story that’s ripe for yet another one of Tom Haverford’s “would you rather” questions. What medical news would you rather hear: You’ve got 100 days to live, or you’ll ostensibly live out a normal lifespan? 609 more words

Web Culture

Overheard On Top Of Camelback Mountain

I went hiking for the first time since I was twelve years old with two friends a couple weekends ago. My dad, the avid outdoorsman used to coerce me into hiking and camping (by offering carefully meted out sweets, which were usually forbidden in our house) from the time I was a young child, which I resented as I transitioned into a makeup loving, phone-glued-to-my-ear preteen. 667 more words


Micro Penis Phobia

Lately I’ve been parading around the fact that I have a pretty small penis. On a number of occasions, people have tried to cheer me up by telling me to look up micro penises. 64 more words