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Dream Scene

I haven’t been blogging for a little over a month, mostly because my maternity leave has ended, I’m back at work and I’m exhausted! I have only been able to make time for some quick sketches and all my projects have unfortunately been put on hold. 246 more words


Graphite pencil drawing - Awake

Here is a question. Do you ever have a weird art idea which you can’t explain properly, because there is no explanation? You know, I was sketching last week and I thought of doing a strange eye, separated from the bottom eyelashes, with a feline inspired iris inside a round one, and a really small pupil inside it, and I was so fascinated with this weird sketch that this week I decided to do a proper drawing with it, with the upper eyelashes connected to the lines of the leaves, that are also different, and the eye between two of those, a big and a small. 42 more words


Dragon is Done

Finally I finished the dragon drawing. It was the most complicated, the hardest drawing that I copied, I worked really much on it. That’s why it took so long time, months.  83 more words


Two Page Spread

A little snippet from They’re Putting Something in the Music by JTMB.
Ro84N enters “The Jolly Roger”.

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The Catalyst

by Vaneeza

Vaneeza will be a senior.  She says, “I’ve loved art basically ever since I learned how to properly hold a pencil. I tend to draw whatever thoughts occupy my mind in that particular moment. 62 more words

Patio table and chair

Hidden among the plants and bowl in foreground, is a patio table and chair. It was a challenge to get through the foliage and find the path. 16 more words