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something in the way we touch

‘do you think we are just stars’

‘i’m no-one’s second best’

‘the present and the future’

you’re beautiful.

Sally Nguyen

Just making marks

Just a quick pen drawing that I did while relaxing in front of the TV. I wasn’t too concerned about referencing, just making marks. Have a great Friday everyone. 9 more words


52 weeks of drawing my stuff. Week 18

My beautiful vintage typewriter from the 1940’s.

The clunk of the keys.

The slowness of making words.

There was a time when we took pride. 51 more words


"Give me a Pen...

“Give me a pen and i will fill these pages with Wine”

What a good idea!

Personally, i would rather write my journal in wine rather than in ink : wouldn’t  you? 51 more words


As Yet Untitled (2015)
The terrible photo quality has completely screwed up all colour balance, but here’s a new finished piece that’s about four times the size that I usually work at. Suggestions for a title?

J Payne

Foreshortening madness!!

I have always loved the exaggerated foreshortening in drawings but I always had the hardest time drawing it myself and that’s why most of my drawings looked so flat and boring. 38 more words