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All Dressed-up

All Dressed-up

©2011 by Mollie Pearce McKibbon

I took time at dressing.

My clothes were all brand new

And I took extra time

To shine my high-heeled shoes. 102 more words


God Paged

Pen lettered one day upon timeless paged,

Wrote once on paper plain,

God called,

Ego waned,

Love won.


Day 140: Drawing a Day

More quick sketches on the subway…it really helps that people are so engaged in their smart phones that they don’t notice me looking at their facial features so intently… :-)


Setting Out

I’m on a journey. No, I don’t have to pack water and rations, and no I’m not on a road under the sun. But still, it is a journey- a journey towards becoming an author. 28 more words