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Pinkie Pie Party - Entry #1 (Cosplay progress #1)


Hello all fellow Bronies/Cosplayers or anyone else who cares. I thought I would start off my My Little Pony blog posts with my cosplaying progress. 542 more words



Come join us each Friday evening at 10:30p Central, that will be 11:30a for those of you down under. as we talk about pretty much anything under the sun. 29 more words


Cosplay Wednesday: Featuring Miss Mallorie

For Cosplay Wednesday, I had the honor to interview a fantastic cosplayer. I met her in college during a Korean language class and we became great friends! 676 more words


Pinkie Pie says it best

This whole crazy idea came about one day on a walk home from downtown Ferndale with my little family. My husband and I have always daydreamed together about owning our own business, being our own boss… But we never settled on one thing we could run with. 341 more words

First vlog EVER! And, what does a girl "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" fan call herself? ("Brony"sounds so much cooler than "Pegasister"!)

Made a little introductory vlog about myself. I am a stand up comedian, musician and artist. Check me out…then return me when you’re done with me…or they’ll be a fine. 24 more words