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Searching for me

Definition comes early and easily.

The product of his home or community environment,

Keeping company with his peers,

Or the clothes he wears.

This or that is what makes him or made him what he has becomeā€¦ 219 more words


5 Pictures 5 Stories #4

“How sinful are those youth who speak gently with their friends while they shout out at their mothers.”



It’s days like these when I feel the pain

feeling ignored, unwanted, lonely again.

What stirs these thoughts?

I’d rather be naive

then to see all the people doing fine without me. 54 more words

Embrace expectations

Setting expectations is the only way to achieve goals.

One of Seth’s recent blog posts got me thinking about the power of expectations and why it is critical to create them. 286 more words

Life Lessons

Levels of Acceptance

I am still sitting in awe of the weekend I had, the people I got to see, and finally being free to be me, with said people, for the first time. 415 more words


Conscious control

You’ve probably seen someone freak out.

no. Well yes. No to something else.
Am I freaking out?
Can I control it. I can snap in and out of it. 302 more words

Here we go again

We’ve all heard it, kids will be kids, kids are mean, and just leave them alone they’re just having fun.

I, myself, think that is wrong. 385 more words