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To share, or not to share.

For about a week or so I have been going back and forth with the idea of making my blog public to my personal peers. Yes, I know it’s not on a private setting, but I have not shared this blog with anyone other than you randoms that found me while searching through different topics. 313 more words

Hard to write today.

Been sad and depressed but here is what I wrote to a friend when she asked if I had deployed. This is so hard. Who are my peers? 76 more words

Celebrating Completing 100 Days of School

“When I Am A Hundred Years Old”

I head into the school for another “Parent Teacher’s Night” to discuss Johnny and Princess’s recent report cards and their progress.   1,329 more words



My life has recently turned upside down once again.

“I can’t do this alone,” is a mantra that has come out of my mind and mouth countless times in the last four weeks since the upheaval and it is what has propelled me to start writing all this down. 557 more words


Uncooperative - Intro

Uncooperative. Lazy. Careless.

It’s an issue that everyone has experienced with their group members. It’s definitely frustrating if you’re ambitious about your project/work and you want to get it done(on time). 54 more words


Stature - Don't Compare The Inside Of Your Home To The Outside Of Another's


A farmer is outstanding in his field
What is a student’s standing in his/her class
What is an educator’s standing amongst his peers

What is your stature? 199 more words


Perfection Deterred

I had inspiration for writing again. Actually I started to write a story that I had this burst of clarity about. I’ve written a page and a half. 692 more words