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Ginger peeling life hack

Tired of peeling ginger and losing so much of it?

Well, it’s an amazing spice, but also not cheap. So how do you get the most of out of it and peel off that outside skin without losing so much of the good stuff inside? 70 more words

My Face Care Routine


This one is going to be a bit longer, but still try not to jibber jabber to much, So a couple of words about my face care routine. 142 more words

Beauty And Care

Recipe for exfoliation with lavender essential oil

Lavender is healing of Nature and has regenerative properties, sugar is natural ingredient for peeling, while olive oil has vitamins and minerals to hydrate and tighten the skin. 178 more words



Another quickie, I will be testing this one for another couple of weeks.
It promises to polish the face, get rid of dead skin cells and exfoliate, but it’s not a scrub. 10 more words

Beauty And Care

Glosssybox March 2015

This month Glossybox was a big surprise for me. Recently I was thinking about cancelling my subscription because the previous couple of boxes weren’t so great.  438 more words


Use an Apple Slicer to Cut Potatoes Even Faster

We may or may not need to be bringing in a boatload of mashed potatoes to the Preschool Thanksgiving Pitch In tomorrow morning… so tonight meant peeling and chopping up lots and lots and lots of taters…

118 more words
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Neostrata Gel Plus 更生活膚啫喱面膜



話明係gel plus! 就梗係啫喱質地啦!不過佢係未雪凍既啫喱~水水哋!

因為我係混合性皮膚,面會比T-zone 乾,所以我洗完面,就會直接搽喺T-zone 位先,會比面搽厚少少。 因為哩個product都算係有少少刺激皮膚,頭幾次用會明顯感覺有少少「吉吉哋」。等10至20分鐘,用暖水洗左佢。如初初用可以唔好擺咁耐先,驚啲皮膚唔適應,會有可能敏感。我啲皮膚都會對某啲product有敏感徵狀,但對gel plus就無事。洗完你會覺得成塊面滑左好多,會白左少少!😊

洗完就快快做保養程序喇!因為gel plus主要係幫你去除而上老化既角質,疏通你啲平時俾污糟野阻塞住既毛孔!所以用完佢再即刻敷個保濕mask就perfect喇☺️ 如果皮膚比較敏感,就最好唔好揀啲美白mask 啦~刺激完再刺激,皮膚就唔係個個受到。唔怕一萬至怕萬一丫嘛!視乎自己皮膚屬性同狀況而定啦!

如果有導入精華既可以搽左先再敷mask! 再再再吸收啲丫嘛!敷完視乎你地用咩mask再睇下需唔需要洗左面上既精華再搽保養品啦!通常我就點都會洗左佢先再搽保養品,我唔鐘意佢笠住我😖 搽晒所有野就梗係唔少得doctorcos 既sheet free mask la! 😘(之前我介紹過架!)

Gel plus除左即時幫你去左面部厚厚既角質,用完之後嗰幾日你可能會有少少粒粒或者喺鼻翼位會特別多左污垢,係正常既!因為佢會幫你退咗底層啲既污糟野出黎。用完隔兩日可以做一次face scrub會有啲幫助。

Keep住每星期用一至兩次就最好!你會發現黑頭白頭明顯冇左好多。 污糟野出得黎多,久而久之就會少好多暗瘡暗粒架喇😉

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