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#51 – Bad Things Come in Pairs too

L has been moving around really fast recently. She reached for the door handle and dashed out of my room and into the kitchen. Although I ran after her quickly, I was not fast enough to stop her from slipping on the wet kitchen floor and falling on the back of her head. 304 more words


My Aspiration in Life

My dream job right now is to be a pediatrician. I would like to become a pediatrician because i enjoy working  with kids. I enjoy helping others and figuring out whats wrong with them. 221 more words


Little League in the CNMI

Welcome Little League to the CNMI (Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands)! I really do love watching sports and it is one of the things that I miss the most here. 673 more words

Pineapple Upside Down Cake

When one gets pineapples, what does one make? Pineapple Upside Down Cake. I actually looked a lot of places that I like to frequent for recipes to find a recipe for pineapple upside down cake made with real pineapple, and it was difficult to find. 931 more words

Paediatricians: Helping you to make your children Happy & Healthy

A Pediatrician basically deals with or is concerned with the infants, children and for the people up to the age group of 18. They are the physicians who take care of the children till the age of eighteen. 321 more words


MAJORly Confused

I was talking to my mom last night about my fear of hospitals. And it got me thinking “Am I cut out for the medical field? 333 more words