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The Lightning Round Update

Wow, I have been off the cyber scene. A Nerf basketball lobbed into the coffee mug, into the laptop. Seven weeks and a Geek Squad later and I am ready to give you, my fair reader, (are you still out there?) the lightning round update. 576 more words

Overcoming Challenges

The lollipop tree

I took my daughter to see her pediatrician today for an eye problem. She was playing in the woods last night and wiped her face with dirty hands and got dirt in her eye. 67 more words

Mark Bartlett

Mark received his MD from the University of Rochester School of Medicine. He completed his residency from the Pediatrics Department at the University of California in San Francisco. 19 more words


27 Stories About Going To The Doctor That Will Leave You Breathless And Totally Embarrassed

Found on r/AskReddit.

1. I went in for a prostate exam and when the doctor was performing it, I ejaculated. She said it’s common, but I was totally embarrassed.

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Vaccines - I'll Have What He's Not Having

Today is Linc’s 4-month pediatrician appointment and they will want to give him more vaccines. I know that this is a hotly debated issue and I will side-step this argument, but I think that I may have a solution: how about I just get them? 154 more words