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Due Dates

I’ve been a college instructor for some 17  wonderful years. In this time one thing has changed some. I am witnessing more students assume that due dates are a guideline. 199 more words


The interesting thing about having only one student at a time is that I end up sharing the learning with them. If, for example, using this lesson plan, I engage in a discussion that is leading the student to try to think about context for choosing or eliminating vocal constriction, we are actually both sharing our thoughts equally, and drawing on both of our experiences and knowledge of the world around us. 297 more words


[2015 Spring AI: Mining the Social Web] Working for Your Project!

  • Course material for March 3 and 5.

For the next 2 classes for your project

  1. Have a seat with your group members.
  2. Encourage your group members not to skip the classes.
  3. 180 more words

Interdisciplinary approaches to learning and teaching for contemporary dancers in conservatoire training

Colleagues working across the Faculty of Dance have been collaborating in developing a deeper understanding of how sharing practices can develop and renew their own approaches to teaching within the discipline. 490 more words

Higher Education

Highly Effective Teacher Training Courses -UK

Hands-on, interactive, practical, engaging- a few keywords we like to use to describe our training. Don’t believe us? Have a look at our video below to see just how effective our training can be… 78 more words


Humanity – Pedagogy – Technology

Author: Neil Atkin, @natkin

The world is changing in unprecedented ways. Mobile technology becomes ever more powerful, more wearable and we become more connected(or isolated from the real world and immersed in a virtual world – depending on your perspective)  As educators we need to be able to use this technology effectively. 832 more words