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If you’re curious to see what I’m cooking up now that I’m home for the summer, then stay tuned! I have so many snacks, treats, and dishes to try out and I will be sharing all of them! 53 more words

Peanut Butter

The standard for the entire universe is peanut butter and jelly.

Not for me.

I have always preferred peanut butter and honey.

Why? Because jelly isn’t in the Bible but honey is. 136 more words


I'm Pregnant, and I want PB&J!

If you haven’t heard via one of my social media accounts (follow me on Twitter and Instagram @jackiewitzke or on Tumblr, TheFreshFormula), I am pregnant with baby #2! 535 more words


Favorite Store Bought Ice Cream

I’m sure everyone expected me to say Ben & Jerry’s, but on a college student  budget Ben & Jerry’s isn’t the most practical choice. Don’t get me wrong everyone needs a good BJ every now and then. 109 more words

Peanut Butter, Chocolate Chip & Jam Muffins

It’s only a bank holiday once again and what better way to celebrate that wonderful fact than with a bit of baking, especially as the weather forecast for Monday isn’t so great… And if you love peanut butter and jam as a combo then you will LOVE these bad boys, they hit the spot for sure and will go down a treat when you have to go back to work on Tuesday (sad face). 401 more words



Peanut butter. Almond butter. Cashew butter. Hazelnut butter. ALL the nut butters. I am OBSESSED. And I mean, obsessed. I literally don’t go a day without eating nut butter in some way or other. 421 more words


More Peanut Butter, Less Peanuts

I love peanut butter and can easily eat an entire jar in one sitting (but generally stick to a few teaspoons a day!) A large helping of ‘peanut gallery’ gossip on the other hand, leaves a bitter taste in my mouth and I do my best to avoid such indulgence. 255 more words