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Welcome to the PSM Report

Welcome to the PSM Report: a blog that discusses issues of interest to process safety and engineers working in the process and energy industries. We have been writing blog posts at this address — The PSM Report — for two years.  727 more words


Peak Oil Not A Near-Term Threat

Peak Oil is that point in time when the world runs out of new finds of oil and from that point on,  oil becomes more scarce and more costly. 98 more words

Fossil Fuels

Chart of the Day, 1 March 2015: US Crude Oil Production for December 2014

Yesterday, I noted that US natural gas production has yet to reflect the recent prices declines. Today, I am reporting basically the same story for crude oil. 176 more words

Peak Oil

About Wired's Max Oil Calculation

Interesting. But like so many peak-oil type calculations it fails to take into account basic economics. As oil becomes scarce, the price will rise due to simple supply and demand. 38 more words


Que pasa con el gas y el carbón

Esta noticia sobre las reservas de gas de Colombia, que amablemente me pasó uguu en los comentarios, me puso sobre la pista de ver que pasa en los sectores del gas y el carbón en Colombia, las otras dos fuentes principales de energía primaria de este país. 741 more words

Peak Oil

Has the U.S. just stopped making stuff? Yeah, I’d think so too if industrial output in the U.S. wasn't at all time record high.

There’s an idea that we don’t make anything in the U.S. anymore. Well, we do import a huge portion of the good stuff we enjoy everyday. 310 more words



In this week’s Archdruid Report — The Externality Trap, or, How Progress Commits Suicide — one of the commenters, “Stein L”, had the following to say about the Chinese economic miracle. 2,272 more words