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The Engine

This comic makes use of the artwork Blockmaker engine from Glitch, a former multiplayer online computer game that released all its artworks into the public domain.

Alien Landscapes

We Are Killing Our Oceans.

What will we do when we destroy our oceans?  Will we let the 2.6 billion people who depend on it for their primary source of protein starve?   356 more words


Peak Oil by Country

Peak oil is the point in time when the maximum rate of extraction of petroleum is reached, after which the rate of production is expected to enter terminal decline. 79 more words


May 23rd, 2013- "Australia's Energy & Climate Change Dilemma - the case for emergency action"

Two years ago today, ex Australian Coal Association boss Ian Dunlop gave the following talk in Canberra –

“Australia’s Energy & Climate Change Dilemma – the case for emergency action” 223 more words

Ignored Warnings

Blueprint for a Sustainable, Equitable World.

Blueprint for a more Sustainable, Equitable Society I’ve drafted a document listing a number of problems that our society faces, with possible solutions.  This includes a legislative branch of government which is a hybrid representative/direct democracy. 72 more words

UK Telegraph opinion piece furthers peak oil myth

The UK Telegraph has published an opinion piece by its commodities editor Andrew Critchlow in which he alleges that Shell Corporation’s Arctic oil exploration marks the beginning of peak oil that will be seen over the next decade. 103 more words

The Black Stuff

Speaking of applied comics, thanks to James McKay who’s pointed me in the direction of a great web comic by Australian artist Stuart McMillen – … 155 more words